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Last Updated: 2010.02.17

UJ - Jeans that change jeans UNIQLO's new jeans brand is launched

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In Spring 2010, UNIQLO jeans are entirely renewed.  Introducing "UJ", the new jeans brand that change jeans. 
UJ stands for the 3 fundamental qualities of the perfect pair of jeans; Fit, Fabric and Finish. Never compromising on those "3 F's", UJ also offers new standard of jeans quality, design and price to worldwide customers, breaking free from convention.  The first season of UJ begins with 54 styles of new jeans from authentic 5 pockets through the playful designed jeans of the latest trend. 

Jeans are being transformed at UNIQLO this spring with the launch of the new jeans brand. "UJ", the new generation jeans. This new brand pursues the ultimate value in jeans, for now and the future. 

 UJ - the pursuit of "3F's" - the perfect Fit, Fabric & Finish

Fit, Fabric and Finish are the fundamental qualities people want from a perfect pair of jeans. While pursuing these 3F's, UJ also keeps defining jeans of the new generation in its quality, design and price breaking free from jean's history and tradition.
 FIT:  Wide variety of fits to ensure any customer can find their own perfect pair
 FABRIC: Fabrics and detailing to amaze the world's greatest jeans lovers
 FINISH: Upgraded sewing, wash & finish with Japanese jeans making technologies

 UJ - 3-band price range

UJ offers three price bands - The ultimate attention to detail offered in ¥3,990 premium line, the rich variety of colors in ¥2,990 standard range and ¥1,990 basic line perfect for daily use. There are people with unique views on exactly how their jeans should look and people expecting comfort to wear jeans. UJ offers something for all.

 UJ Monthly Collection latest design

Along with the authentic 5 pocket jeans, UJ will release new designed jeans every month, offering customers the chance to try out jeans of the latest fashion trends with unique twists and touches.
With 54 new UJ styles on offer this spring, anyone should be able to find their perfect pair. 

(Note) The 54 styles include all jeans items launched through early April 2010. Plenty of subsequent new designs will also be released.

* UJ Jeans available in all UNIQLO Japan stores and through our online store (http://store.uniqlo.com)


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