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Last Updated: 2009.12.09

UNIQLO +J Spring/Summer 2010 Collection launches in Japan Wednesday, December 23.

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UNIQLO is happy to announce that the logo  Collection, created together with fashion designer Ms. Jil Sander, debuted with amazing success on high street in October.  The logo  concept of pure tailoring, avantgarde textiles and truly modern silhouettes delighted many customers.  After the Fall/Winter 2009 season, we are now able to disclose the Japan launch date for the first round of the UNIQLO logo  Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

Launch Date:     Wednesday, December 23, 2009 (public holiday) 
Launch Stores:  50 stores across Japan including Ginza Store, ,
  Setagaya Chitosedai Store, Shinsaibashi Store, Nagoya Sakae Store.
  Also available through our online store.
  * The full list of stores stocking the new collection will be
    uploaded onto our website once confirmed.

logo  Spring/Summer 2010 collection

The season introduces fresh perspectives on volume, teamed with perfect harmony in fiber, color, optics, and touch. Experimentation is essential, but subtle, leading to new interplays of material and motion.

Iconic simplicity

Leaving sporty stereotypes behind,  logo  endorses functional elegance, dynamic textiles, and distinctive shapes.  Softly articulated, silhouettes give free reign to movement and ease.  Fabrics are straightforward, expertly woven, alluringly sculptured, neat and subtle.  Initiating marriages of convenience between structure and fluidity, delicacy and determination, coupling strong characters for the common good.

Natural nobility

The collection quietly bridges the emotional and the formal, femininity and masculinity, experience and evolution.  Luxury lies in inspiration and discreet perfectionism, applied to truly modern tailoring.  Environmental concerns move to the heart of research, engaging in clothing that is both responsible and innovative.

Clarity and Lightness

Opting for the precision of airy colors, white and pure ivory feature as the radiant center of energy and confidence.  Pastel hues, pearly reflections, and chalked out acids create luminous lightness.  Waterproof textiles become more feminine, made of ultra-fine cotton, tech-satins and sumptuous wools with an overwhelming impression of liquidity.

<UNIQLO logo  Spring/Summer 2010 product price range>

Outerwear, Coats & Jackets       ¥ 4,990 ~ ¥ 14,900
Bottoms     ¥ 3,990 ~  ¥ 5,990
Shirts     ¥ 3,990 ~  ¥ 4,990
Cut & Sewn    ¥ 1,990 ~  ¥ 4,990
Knitwear     ¥ 2,990 ~  ¥ 9,900


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