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Last Updated: 2009.11.05

The Heat Generation. Japan Technology wear, HEATTECH transforms what we wear in winter and transforms winter worldwide.

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HEATTECH – the Japan technology wear from UNIQLO that sold 28 million units worldwide last year. And this year, we have added new anti-static and non-deforming functions to further perfect the range. The design and color variation now on offer for HEATTECH is so rich that you can hardly call it innerwear anymore. Our global sales target for the range is 50 million units. UNIQLO is aiming to use HEATTECH this year to transform what we wear in winter, and to even transform the world’s winters. 

 HEATTECH - the UNIQLO global mission embodied

The UNIQLO global mission is to create truly great clothing with new and unique value for people all over the world. HEATTECH is one of the mission’s forefront products. HEATTECH, jointly developed by UNIQLO and world leading textile manufacturer TORAY INDUSTRIES, has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2003. Sales reached 28 million units last winter as many customers purchased HEATTECH items. HEATTECH has grown and developed into a product range that embodies UNIQLO’s global mission to offer value to customers by commercializing Japanese fiber technology, a technology that is recognized and respected all over the world.

 HEATTECH – the pronoun for winter worldwide

In 2009, we will be looking to use HEATTECH to transform winter from a cold, heavy clothes season to a warm, lightweight dress season. We have now complemented HEATTECH’s original heat-generating and comfort functionalities with a design and color range so rich as to transform the range from innerwear to fashion item. This winter we will be preparing 50 million HEATTECH items for sale. Our aim is to offer the forefront Japan technology wear to customers around the world, transforming what we wear in winter, and making HEATECH into the pronoun for winter worldwide.   

 HEATTECH – the functionality

We have added two extra functions to our HEATTECH range for 2009 – the anti-static and the non-deforming functions. All this functionality concentrated in HEATTECH:

【HEAT GENERATION】  As HEATTECH absorbs body moisture, the movement of tiny droplets actually generates heat to keep you warm. 
【HEAT RETENTION】  Air pockets between the fibers retain both body warm and the warmth generated by HEATTECH’s moisture absorption.  
【MOISTURIZING 】  Milk protein is mixed with the fiber for a soft but supple feel on the skin. (Women’s) 
【QUICK DRY】  HEATTECH fabric wicks away and quickly dries moisture. Perspiration dries up instantly, so the fabric remains dry and refreshing. (Men’s) 
【ODOR CONTROL】  A special antibacterial agent in HEATTECH helps to minimize odors. 
【STRETCHABLE COMFORT】  HEATTECH stretches to give you a perfect fit and maximize comfort.  
【ANTI-STATIC】  Thanks to its unsurpassed moisture retention properties, the fiber also reduces discomfort from static electricity, when putting on and taking off the garment (NEW)
【NON-DEFORMING】  Highly resilient and durable, HEATTECH maintains its shape even after repeated washing (NEW).  

 37 design variations with maximum 23 colors

We have 37 design variations (24 for men, 13 for women) with a maximum 23 colors for our 2009 HEATTECH transforming the range from innerwear to fashion item.

 HEATTECH – the global marketing campaign

HEATTECH embodies the UNIQLO mission to create truly great clothing with new and unique value for people all over the world. HEATTECH is a key strategic product that can help accelerate the spread of UNIQLO around the world. And UNIQLO is running its biggest global marketing campaign ever this winter season focused on HEATTECH. We want to use HEATTECH to tell people all over the world about UNIQLO.  The campaign features Tao, the Japanese model active in fashion week throughout the world, along with 11 other well-known worldwide models. The well-known fashion photographer Mario Testino has refined the HEATTECH world-view through his graphic shooting.
We have also decided to air our TV commercial in the U.K and Korea.

(Graphic design team)
Photo Art Direction: Mario Testino
Art Director: Stephan Gan
Stylist: Nicola Formichetti
Models: Lily Donaldson / Tao Okamoto / Sasha Pivovarova / Coco Rocha /
Erin Wasson / Karlie Kloss / Sessilee Lopez / Sean O'pry /
Boyd Holbrook / Romulo Pires / Daniel Liu / Blaine Cook

 HEATTECH – online stores to open at last in France & the U.S.

We are launching new online stores in France and the U.S. to add to our existing online store network in Japan, U.K., South Korea and China in order to enable more customers around the world to experience HEATTECH. We are creating an environment where customers who cannot easily visit our stores can enjoy HEATTECH.

(Newly opened online stores)
France: https://www.uniqlo.com/heattech/fr/
U.S.:  https://www.uniqlo.com/heattech/us/

(Existing online stores)
Japan: https://www.uniqlo.com/heattech/jp/
U.K.: https://www.uniqlo.com/heattech/uk/
South Korea: https://www.uniqlo.com/heattech/kr/
China: https://www.uniqlo.com/heattech/cn/


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