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Last Updated: 2009.10.20

UNIQLO Fleece celebrates its 15th anniversary

With a record 172 items to choose from, we’ll have
the perfect fleece to suit your style.

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This year marks the 15th anniversary of the launch of what has now become one of our most loved, forefront products, the UNIQLO Fleece. And now with an even richer range of colors and fabrics to choose from, UNIQLO Fleece is just getting better and better.
Now in 2009, there are 172 fleeces to choose from with a full range of color and designs. This record range is ready to deliver warmth to our customers this year.

We continue to develop and perfect what is possibly UNIQLO’s forefront product – Fleece. We know it is not just about functionality, so we have put together a even richer range of designs, colors and fabrics to ensure there’s a fleece to suit your chosen style for any one day.

 The mega-trend sports style for men

For men we have a multiple range of new items with a trendy sporty flavor. A line up that only UNIQLO with its exhaustive knowledge of fleece over 15 years could produce.
The traditional block-check print fleece comes highly recommended as the perfect coordinate accent.
And there’s plenty more new UNIQLO fleece to choose from this year including our Mouton Fleece with the special mouton feel, our Silky Fleece with its particular sheen and silky feel, as well as our trusty lightweight but warm, soft basic reversible jackets.

 Appealing fabric-feel and rich color variation for women

For women, our long-style, fluffy, soft-feel Furry Fleece comes highly recommended. We have prepared a vest in a similar style as a versatile coordinate item.  
Our basic open-front fleeces now come in an overwhelming range of 22 colors. There are ample items to demonstrate the true value of UNIQLO Fleece, and plenty of style options whether you go for the layered look, or wear them as a simple outer jacket.


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