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Last Updated: 2009.08.27

Global flagship Paris Opera Store to open Thursday October 1

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UNIQLO’s third global flagship, Paris Opera Store, is to open on Thursday October 1, bringing the very latest, very best of UNIQLO to the heart of the fashion world Paris.

The Paris global flagship, Paris Opera Store, to open October 1


The Paris Opera Store, UNIQLO’s third global flagship store after New York and London, is to open in Paris on Thursday, October 1, 2009.

Our global flagship stores act as showcases to the world, expressing the very best of UNIQLO at any one time. Establishing a global flagship store in Paris, the center of world fashion, will be a big step towards making UNIQLO a global brand.

  The Paris global flagship store

Store name:    Paris Opera Store 
Opening:        Thursday, October 1, 2009
Address:        15-17 rue Scribe, 75009
Shop floor:    approx. 2150sqm planned

  UNIQLO “logo “ collection to be launched

At the Paris global flagship store, the launch of the UNIQLO “logo “ collection created with fashion designer Jil Sander has been timed to coincide with the store’s opening.

Colette select shop to open for a limited period as buzz creation promotion for the Paris global flagship store

Following on from the UNIQLO POP UP Store in the Paris Marais area opened in July, we will be opening another UNIQLO store for a limited period only on the second floor of the famous Parisian select shop, Colette. At Colette, we will be selling UT T-shirts in bottles and our Made in Japan denim items, etc.  To mark the opening of the Colette store, we will offer a limited number of 500 cashmere knitwear items sporting the embroidery, “From Tokyo to Colette”.  And this is just one of our plans to give the people of Paris a taste of UNIQLO and a chance to experience the brand ahead of the global flagship store opening.

Opening period:     August 31~September 26
Address:             213, rue Saint-Honoré, Paris 1er
Opening hours:  11 :00~19 :00(Monday - Saturday)


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