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Last Updated: 2009.06.02

g.u. - a cut above & a cut below the rest! Round 2 of our new price strategy

~A stream of new products for ¥ 990 & ¥ 490~

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Following the successful launch of its ¥ 990 jeans in March, the FAST RETAILING group's low cost clothing brand g.u. is embarking on the second round of its new price strategy with the sale of a whole new range of cheaper priced goods. New in the ¥ 990 range are our color half pants and our kid's jeans. And what's more, we have an even fuller range in our ¥ 490 series with the addition of T-shirts and tank tops. The addition of this new round now means that approximately half of all g.u. products will go on sale for ¥ 990 or less this summer. 
The price is indeed a cut below the rest, and now you can have even more fun mixing and matching this full and varied range. G.U. is a brand that enables people to enjoy fashion freely without worrying about the price. This summer we offer our customers the same pleasure at even lower prices.    

 g.u. - a cut above, a cut below the rest!

To fulfill its commitment as a brand that offers customer the change to enjoy fashion freely without worrying about the price, g.u. is busy creating fresh additional products in its ¥ 990 and ¥ 490 ranges. And this move means that roughly half of our products are sold at ¥ 990 or less. And we have also boosted the fun that you can have mixing and matching this fuller and more varied range. Now the price is a cut below, and the fun a cut above the rest. This summer g.u. is the brand that is both a cut above and a cut below the rest.

 New ¥ 990, ¥ 490 ranges

Following the successful launch of its ¥ 990 jeans series in spring 2009, g.u. is offering new products across its ¥ 990 and ¥ 490 ranges this summer. Our ¥ 990 jeans caused a huge stir when they were first launched, and now we are adding kid's jeans to the original men's and women's products so that the entire family can go for a coordinated look. Our prize new women's products are this season's popular trend items, the 2-way tunic and the color half pants. Some new products in our ¥ 990 men's range include the pre-washed, light-colored half pants and cargo half pants for the perfect summer feel. You can have even more fun selecting from our varied ¥ 490 series with the addition of new T-shirts, camisoles and tank tops.

 Mix and match to your heart's content, and all at much lower prices

We have expanded the possible coordinates at lower prices with this bumper range of new ¥ 990 and ¥ 490 series products. It is now possible to kit yourself out in an entire coordinated outfit for as little as ¥ 1,500. A family of four can freely enjoy daily fashion with just one ¥ 10,000 note. The price is a cut below the rest, the fashion fun a cut above.  


 New ¥ 990 & ¥ 490 product ranges



 The g.u. aim

The g.u. brand was conceived by FAST RETAILING, the owner of the successful UNIQLO casual brand. The g.u. brand concept is "freely buy, freely wear". The brand name, g.u., sounds like the word for "freely" in Japanese and hence incorporate the message of wearing clothes more freely. We create pure daily fashion wear products of quality that customers can trust at the lowest market prices. We are a brand of the people.
We will continue to expand our lower priced product ranges as we work to expand our store network to 200 with sales of ¥ 50 billion by August 2013.  



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