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Last Updated: 2009.05.13

UNIQLO’s trusted BRA TOP range – offers a new fashion style with exciting variety -

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UNIQLO’s BRA TOP is a top with in-sewn bra cups. This versatile item acts as both a top and a bra, it is comfortable to wear and enhances the bust line. Clocking up sales of approximately 3 million last summer, the BRA TOP has become a new regular and trusted UNIQLO item.
For the 2009 season, we will be offering the BRA TOP in a fuller range of styles, color and design. The BRA TOP can be worn in many different situations, so in itself, the UNIQLO’s BRA TOP offers a whole new fashion style for women.
Last summer the BRA TOP led to shortages in some areas behind as the huge popularity. This year we are preparing roughly triple volume of last year’s number to ensure we meet women’s expectations globally. 

 The BRA TOP – the new trusted UNIQLO item

UNIQLO’s BRA TOP is a top with sewn-in bra. You can enjoy the freedom of not wearing a bra and the reassurance of wearing a bra at the same time. And the top also offers a smooth bust line. With sales of approximately 3 million units last summer, the BRA TOP has joined the range of trusted regular items in the UNIQLO collection. The BRA TOP has been highly praised by customers - it was the first time I wore bra top, but it was so comfortable; “to throw away bra and go out into the streets unfettered and free” is my theme this year, a comment from a customer.   

 Enjoy the rich variation on offer this season

In addition to the three original camisole, tank top and tube top styles, 2009 sees the launch of five new BRA TOP styles including the tunic and dress styles. The variety of color is overwhelming with each individual style coming in up to 14 different shades making the top more versatile for even more occasions. This year we will be starting full-scale sales in the US, Europe and Asia providing women around the world with a new fashion style. We are launching UNIQLO WIRE*(https://www.uniqlo.com/wire)to mark the moment when the BRA TOP goes global.
* UNIQLO WIRE : Is a movie web linking women around the world by introducing impressions of the BRA TOP from 100 women in countries where UNIQLO has direct sales.

 Chiaki Kuriyama promotes the 2009 range

Our promotional theme is: The BRA TOP – I like to wear simply by itself. The campaign will be fronted by Japanese actress, Chiaki Kuriyama, in TV commercials, in stores and on the web(https://www.uniqlo.com/bratop/). You will be able to see her comments on trying out the BRA TOP. She carves a figure of urban sophistication and beauty sporting the BRA TOP range.


 The secrets of BRA TOP’s comfortableness


・ The in-sewn cups mean it’s OK to go out without a bra!
・ The top is comfortable to wear even on hot days thanks to the molded cups and additional fast drying perspiration function.
・ Enjoy a beautiful bust line with the original molded cup shape.
・ Sewn separately from the outer layer, the fabric is designed not to rub or pucker so you can move with ease!


 How to Wear:




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