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Last Updated: 2008.04.09

UNIQLO sets up short-term shop in Galeries Lafayette, Paris!

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UNIQLO is to set up short-term shop in one of Europe’s biggest and most prestigious department stores, Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Two small outlets will be open for a limited period of roughly one month from Monday April 14 through Saturday May 17, 2008, one on the  1stfloor and one in the basement. After the opening of our first French store in La Defense last December, these will be the first UNIQLO concept shops right in the heart of the French capital.

UNIQLO sets up short-term shop in Galeries Lafayette

UNIQLO is to set up shop in one of Europe’s biggest department stores Galeries Lafayette. The outlets will be open for a limited period and, as with our concept shop in La Defense opened last December, we will be looking to boost brand visibility and send a message from UNIQLO to highly fashion conscious Parisians.

There will be two UNIQLO outlets on the 1st floor and in the basement. Garment displays will include our “manga” T-shirt range, one of best-known Japanese words around the world these days, and denim items. We will also offer our “Traditional Corporation series” T-shirts with traditional Japanese prints designed in collaboration with traditional Japanese firms, and T-shirts depicting the “kojien” or definitive Japanese dictionary. The novel store design incorporates genuine comic strips. The interior will display an abundant “manga” theme from March 20, a fresh version of our T-shirt flagship UT STORE HARAJUKU in Japan. The bold store design uses the UNIQLO brand color red along with some impressive manga pages. Add to this, the rows of unique UT bottle packaging, and the stores are bound to grab people’s attention within the Galeries Lafayette store.

These T-shirts are also on sale in our La Defense store, our first French store opened last December in Le Quatre Temps shopping mall in the Parisian suburb of La Defense.

 Store details  
Store name:   UNIQLO Galeries Lafayette (2nd floor store, B1 store)
Address:  40, Boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris 
Shop floor:  1st floor outlet approx. 65sqm, B1 outlet approx. 35sqm 
Opening hours:   Monday – Friday 9:30-19:30(Thursday late night opening to 21:00) 
Scheduled opening period:   Monday April 14 - Saturday, May 17, 2008 

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