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Last Updated: 2008.03.31

UNIQLO Beijing Xidan Store Opened Saturday, March

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Our UNIQLO Beijing Xidan Store opened on Saturday March 29 on Beijing’s North Xidan Avenue. The 925sqm shop floor is decked out in white in a style similar to stores in Japan that are housed in larger commercial facilities.
In addition to the Beijing Xidan Store, UNIQLO is developing business aggressively in the Beijing area with two more stores the Beijing Xindong'an Store, and the Beijing Sanlitun Store to open from April.

 UNIQLO enters Beijing’s city center

UNIQLO has entered Beijing’s city center for the first time since its temporary closure in 2006. In recent years, UNIQLO has concentrated new store openings in Shanghai culminating in the opening of the Shanghai flagship store, UNIQLO Shanghai Super Brand Mall Store, in December 2006. This store became the focus of our efforts to firmly expand sales and enable the UNIQLO brand to take off in the Chinese market. 

Now we are opening the UNIQLO Beijing Xidan Store on Beijing’s North Xidan Avenue to mark UNIQLO’s return to the city of Beijing. And we won’t stop here. Already we are set to open our second and third Beijing stores – the Xingdong'an Store, and Sanlitun Store – as UNIQLO looks to expand aggressively in the East China market and beyond.  

 What’s special about the UNIQLO Beijing Xidan Store?

The UNIQLO Beijing Xidan Store is situated on North Xidan Avenue, one of Beijing’s bustling shopping districts. A stream of customers can visit the store on the third floor of the large JOY CITY Xidan shopping center.

The store interior is decked out in white in a similar style to Japanese stores that are housed in larger commercial facilities. The white interior creates an atmosphere of clear freshness. We prepared many prominent products to mark the store’s opening on Saturday, March 29 mainly from among the range of T-shirts being displayed in Japan at the same time. The store also offers a wide range of spring garments to suit the local Beijing climate. 

 Introducing our environmentally conscious shopping bags for the first time in China

UNIQLO China is introducing its environmentally conscious shopping bags for the first time at the UNIQLO Beijing Xidan Store. The bags are already in use in Japan enabling us to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 60 percent. We felt it appropriate to introduce the bags as people in China become more aware of the environment with customers having to pay for bags at checkouts from June 2008.


UNIQLO Beijing Xidan Store

【Opening date】   Saturday, March 29, 2008
【Opening hours】  Mon-Fri 10:00~22:00
             Sat, Sun 9:30~22:00
【Address】   JOY CITY Xidan shopping center 3F
         North Xidan Avenue
         Xicheng District, Baijing
【Tel】  010-5971-6319
【Shop floor】  approx. 925sqm


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