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Last Updated: 2007.12.14

UNIQLO opens its first French store!!

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The first UNIQLO store in France opens its doors on Friday, December 14, 2007. The store, just approx. 200sqm in size, will be housed in the Les 4 Temps shopping mall in the Parisian suburb of La Defense. The compact “concept shop” will serve to communicate the UNIQLO brand message. This initial presence in France will pave the way for our UNIQLO Paris global flagship store currently undergoing preparations.

 The first UNIQLO on French soil

UNIQLO is making its debut in France with a compact 200sqm outlet in the Les 4 Temps shopping mall in the Parisian suburb of La Defense. The store has been positioned as a “concept shop” to communicate the UNIQLO brand message directly to consumers. As a nascent brand in the French market, we shall be looking to convey a message from UNIQLO to the acutely fashion conscious Parisians, and to improve our brand recognition. We shall also be conducting marketing exercises (market research & comprehension), familiarizing ourselves with local store operation, and determining the most appropriate image of UNIQLO to present to the French market. France is now the fifth country in which UNIQLO has gained a presence after the UK, China, South Korea and the US as the brand continues its exciting and aggressive global expansion strategy.

 A “concept shop” to directly communicate all that is UNIQLO


The concept shop will sport some of UNIQLO’s most representative fashion items including cashmere sweaters, UT, denim and premium down clothing. The store emphasizes UNIQLO’s predominant red brand color. The atmosphere gives the exudes exquisite Japanese order using similar featured displays as in the Tokyo UT STORE HARAJUKU and the London global flagship store opened in November. The “UT Wall” displays products lined up systematically in bottled packaging similar to a convenience store reach in cooler, in direct symmetry with the “Denim Wall”.
The UNIQLO brand message is communicated using six 42-inch plasma display screens, and five revolving mannequins.

 Products to commemorate UNIQLO’s French debut

We will be offering PARIS Pop Culture Project T-shirts (19.90 euros) designed in collaboration with Paris-based artists as the main UT commemorate products to mark the opening of our first UNIQLO Paris store. There are 12 designs for men and six designs for women each coming in a choice of three colors. These T-shirts are the fourth in the popular series starting with the JAPANESE Pop Culture Project, the NY Pop Culture Project, and the LONDON Pop Culture Project.
Another commemorative product on offer will be two styles of PANTONE® color cashmere sweaters for men and two for women(69.90–79.90 euros), both coming in a choice of 20 colors. These products proved extremely popular at the opening of our global flagship store in London in November. We hope that our concept store with these commemorative products and UNIQLO’s star items on display will appeal to the French people.

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 Store Overview  
Store name: UNIQLO La Defense
Address: Centre Commercial Les 4 Temps La Defense
15 Parvis de La Defense
92092 Puteaux
Store area: approx 200sqm
Tel: 01 49 67 01 90
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00-20:00
Opening: Friday, December 14, 2007
Location: Paris, France
Representative: Masayuki Nagatake
Paid in capital: 50,000 euros (approx. ¥ 8mln)
Shareholder makeup: FR FRANCE S.A.S. 100%
Established: April 28, 2005

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