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Last Updated: 2023.03.03

Fast Retailing Donates US$300,000 to Support a Self-Reliance Project for Refugee Women - Contribution in conjunction with International Women's Day "Helping women smile, all around the world."

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On the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., will donate US$300,000 from sales of bras, bra tops, and short panties made at its UNIQLO and GU stores during a dedicated campaign. The donation will be made to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in support of a Livelihood Support Project for refugee women in Bangladesh.

This project to support the livelihoods of Rohingya refugee women was launched in September 2022 in Cox's Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh. In cooperation with Fast Retailing Group's manufacturing partners, 1000 women will receive training in sewing skills for reusable cloth sanitary napkins and other daily necessities for which a continuous supply is essential. After completing the training, women take part in manufacturing the items and receive stipends as volunteers, meeting their basic needs for sanitary goods and other necessities in the camp as well as building their skills and bolstering their livelihood opportunities.

This is Fast Retailing's first financial donation on International Women's Day to support projects for women. The company believes the project exemplifies the spirit of UNIQLO and GU, as it focuses on "Helping women smile, all around the world". Details on the initiative will be displayed in stores during the campaign from March 3-16, and on the UNIQLO and GU websites.


Campaign duration:March 3 (Friday) to March 16 (Thursday) 2023
March 8(Wednesday) to March 21(Tuesday) for Canada
Applicable products:The entire lineup of bras, bra tops, BRA-FEEL, and short panties in UNIQLO stores and GU WOMEN'S/GIRLS' items. UNIQLO will conduct this campaign in five markets (Japan, Australia, Canada, Malaysia and Vietnam). GU will conduct the campaign in Japan.

UNIQLO and GU WOMEN'S/GIRLS' innerwear
The UNIQLO 2023 Spring/Summer line of women's innerwear, along with standard items as AIRism Ultra Seamless Shorts with unparalleled support, includes new additions such as AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts that provide comfort on uneasy days, AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts (Light) with a lightweight comfort suitable for everyday use, and stretchable, seamless boxer shorts with DRY functionality.

GU has revised its lineup of GU BODY LAB items for women's bodies based on customer feedback. Its Triple Guard Shorts have been updated to absorb 30-40 ml of moisture with the same thinness. Flat seams have also been used for the absorbent portion to reduce the stiff feel.

UNIQLO and GU have continued to develop women's innerwear with a focus on functional beauty that provides support for everyday life as well as continually changing life stages. Starting with the UNIQLO Bra Top launched in 2008 with the aim of offering an effortless everyday comfort like not wearing a bra at all, the varied lineup has expanded to include the Wireless Bra released in 2010, along with innerwear for growing children, and maternity innerwear to provide protection while also adapting to a mother's changing body shape. Product development such as this has also received praise from customers for breast care provided when undergoing surgery for breast cancer.

Fast Retailing's global partnership with UNHCR
Fast Retailing began working with UNHCR in 2006, providing clothing assistance for refugees and displaced persons around the world, and making support for refugees one of the key components of its sustainability program. In 2011, to give more comprehensive support to help solve the refugee crisis, Fast Retailing became the first company based in Asia to enter into a global partnership with the UNHCR. Along with sending used clothing items collected through its product recycling initiative to refugee camps, Fast Retailing provides a wide range of assistance, including refugee self-reliance programs, employing refugees in UNIQLO stores, and conducting refugee awareness campaigns.

About the partnership with UNHCR: https://www.unhcr.org/uniqlo.html


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