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Last Updated: 2022.06.28

Fast Retailing Partners with ILO to Support First-Ever Employment Injury Insurance Program for Workers in Bangladesh

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Fast Retailing today announces its support for a new pilot program seeking to provide income protection and medical care for workers in Bangladesh following employment-related injuries. Launched on the 21st June 2022, the pilot for the Employment Injury Scheme (EIS) marks the first ever scheme of its kind to protect workers from loss of income arising from workplace-related injuries in Bangladesh. Initially planned for four years, the ultimate objective for the pilot is permanent implementation of the EIS in the country.

The EIS is welcomed as an important milestone towards establishing decent work and economic growth in Bangladesh and will compensate injured workers and dependents in case of employment-related accidents that lead to permanent disability or death. A tripartite committee convened by the Government of Bangladesh-comprising members of the Ministry of Labour and Employment-as well as employer and worker representation-will oversee the EIS pilot. The International Labour Organization (ILO) led the conceptualization and design of the pilot project, in full accordance with the requirements of ILO Employment Injury Protection Convention. The ILO has also led efforts to engage brands like Fast Retailing in the program.

Speaking on the occasion of launch, Yukihiro Nitta, Group Executive Officer and head of sustainability at Fast Retailing, said, "Fast Retailing recognizes that one of our most important responsibilities is to protect the security and safety of the people who help to make our clothes. Our ongoing partnership with the ILO is built on a commitment to finding solutions to issues faced by all workers in Asia--not just those in our supply chain--through systemic social protection measures and improved working environments across the region. The new EIS pilot in provides a pathway to a significant new safety net for workers in Bangladesh-one of our key manufacturing locations. We are delighted to be able to support it."

Fast Retailing is among just six brands to offer early support for the EIS and has pledged to make a voluntary financial contribution to help fund the pilot. The Fast Retailing pledge builds on a successful partnership the company has had in place with the ILO since 2019 to support vulnerable workers. The partnership has already implemented the largest privately funded project in the history of ILO-led social security initiatives, establishing a new national employment insurance system safety net for workers in Indonesia, which was enacted into Indonesia law in November 2020.

More information about the ILO/UNIQLO partnership is available at:

More information about the work of the ILO/UNIQLO partnership in Indonesia is available at:


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