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Last Updated: 2021.05.25

Statement Regarding Reports of UNIQLO Product Imports Blocked by U.S. Customs

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In response to media reports that imports of certain UNIQLO cotton shirt products were blocked by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), UNIQLO has issued the following statement:

While the CBP has undertaken an industry-wide initiative to detain imports of certain goods, no cases of forced labor have been found in the supply chain of our products. Accordingly, no UNIQLO merchandise was seized.

On this occasion, we confirm that certain cotton shirt products, which were manufactured in China using raw cotton from outside China, were blocked from being imported into the United States. In response to this, we presented such documents as certificates of origin for raw materials and information relating to such production processes as spinning and sewing. We demonstrated that there is no evidence of forced labor in our supply chain, and that there should be no problem with importing these products into the United States. The documentation covering the nature and origin of the cotton was accepted by Customs authorities. However, while the CBP has previously given clearance to other goods manufactured through the same processes, the CBP did not give clearance this time.

UNIQLO has a zero-tolerance policy for any human rights violation and strictly prohibits all forms of forced labor. As a global company, regardless of the location of production, we are committed to protecting the human rights of everyone in our supply chain and have strong mechanisms in place intended to identify any potential violations of human and worker rights.

While we maintain that appropriate documentation has been submitted on this occasion, we would like to emphasize that we appreciate the support from our valued business and government partners in helping us to continue to conduct business in an appropriate manner globally. UNIQLO looks forward to continued support and cooperation in connection with our ongoing importation of responsibly-sourced products. We will continue to work with the CBP and take the appropriate measures to ensure the continued smooth importation of our products.


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