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Last Updated: 2012.03.27

UNIQLO Offers Smartphone Users $1 Social Business App The Value of $1 Android App Available from March 29

UNIQLO Co., Ltd.
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March 27, 2012, Tokyo, Japan - UNIQLO today announces the release of The Value of $1 Android application for smartphones on March 29, the latest initiative in its growing social business program. This initiative extends UNIQLO's partnership with social business pioneer Grameen by offering smartphone users around the world an opportunity to support educational programs for children in Bangladesh through a single US dollar or equivalent in local currencies.

The Value of $1 project is based on the concept of connecting people around the world through the value of investing one US dollar. By simply purchasing The Value of $1 Android application, smartphone users can directly participate in a social business in a new way. The app supports several languages including English, Japanese, French, Korean and Chinese (simplified and traditional) and will be available to smartphone users around the world for $1 via the Android Market online store.

All the proceeds from the first 10,000* sales of the app will go towards the production of fun learning T-shirts and study booklets designed to promote literacy among children in Bangladesh. Sales of the app will enable Grameen UNIQLO to sell learning sets worth $2 for the equivalent of $1 in local currency. The entire process from manufacturing to marketing will be handled locally and any profits will be reinvested by Grameen UNIQLO into projects designed to contribute to Bangladeshi society through the local production and marketing of clothing.

Smartphone users who register for the project through the app receive an electronic certificate of participation. The certificate will track the progress of the production and marketing process giving participants the opportunity to actually see their $1 investment at work. Users of the app can also download a fun electronic learning aid for Bengali--the official language of Bangladesh. The pay version of The Value of $1 app is limited to first 10,000 participants. A free version of the app will be available for download after the project ends.

*NOTE: The app costs the equivalent of $1 US. Local currency conversion is calculated based on the exchange rates when sales of the app begin. If the local price after the exchange conversion is below the minimum price permitted on the local Android Market, the app will be priced at the lowest permitted price for that region.

Project Overview

Project Overview

Android application

Shows users how their $1 is making a difference in Bangladesh.

This fun app helps users to learn the Bengali language by tracing pictures on the screen to form Bengali words. The contents are the same as the booklet sold in Bangladesh.


Products for sale in Bangladesh through "The Value of $1" Project

T-shirts and study booklets aimed at improving literacy among children will be sold in Bangladesh for equivalent of $1 in local currency.

Fun Learning T-shirts for kids
Fun Learning T-shirts for kids

Study Booklets

About Grameen UNIQLO: UNIQLO's social business in Bangladesh

In partnership with Grameen Healthcare Trust, UNIQLO launched its social business initiative in Bangladesh in 2010. Grameen UNIQLO produces truly great clothing in the country locally and sells it at affordable prices to low income groups. Proceeds from all sales are reinvested in Bangladesh.

Funds are invested in other social business projects that contribute to society through the local production and sale of clothing. Under this system, local people are able to improve the quality of their lives and achieve financial independence by operating their own businesses.


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