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Last Updated: 2008.05.15

Emergency supplies for areas worst hit by the Sichuan earthquake

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FAST RETAILING (CHINA) TRADING CO., LTD., a subsidiary of FAST RETAILING, decided to offer 3.3 million yuan’s worth of clothing (approx. ¥ 50mln) as emergency relief supplies to areas worst affected by the Sichuan earthquake which hit the area on May 12, 2008.
Many houses have collapsed and lifelines have been severed in the areas worst hit by the Sichuan earthquake. Also the temperature there is struggling to reach above 20 degree. So for helping ward off the cold and maintain hygiene, we concluded that there would be a need for clothing provisions. We will confirm exactly what sort of clothing should be provided once we have a clear grasp of what is needed on the ground. This emergency support will be the ninth occasion including the earthquake in Northern Pakistan in October 2005 on which FAST RETAILING has offered clothing as emergency relief supplies around the world.

The FAST RETAILING Group is anxious to keep on trying to offer help to people suffering in the face of natural disaster, war or terrorist activities. We know that what we can do is limited. But as we, uphold “to act as global citizens with ethics and integrity” in our group principles, we would like to positively continue to provide relief supplies where needed in the future.

 Previous aid activities

Type of support 
Overseas  February 2001 West Indian earthquake 10,000 fleece items
December 2001 Afghanistan refugees 12,000 fleece items
February 2002 Peruvian big chill 30,000 Airtech items
February 2004 Iranian earthquake 10,000 T-shirts
December 2004 Asian tsunami   ¥ 20mln donation
October 2005 North Pakistan earthquake 23,000 items of winter clothing
May 2006 Central Java earthquake ¥ 20mln donation
Japan  July 2004 Flood damage in Niigata  24,000 items of clothing
October 2004 Typhoon 23
(Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture)
2,000 items of clothing
October 2004 Niigata Chuetsu earthquake 44,000 items of clothing 

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