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Last Updated: 2024.01.16

Lawsuit Filed by UNIQLO Regarding the Round Mini Shoulder Bag

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UNIQLO Co., Ltd. ("UNIQLO" or "the Company") has filed a lawsuit against Roadget Business Pte. Ltd., Fashion Choice Pte. Ltd., and SHEIN JAPAN Co., Ltd., operators of the retail brand SHEIN, regarding the sale of products that copy the form of the Company's Round Mini Shoulder Bag (hereafter referred to as "the imitation products"), in violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. The petition against the three companies, filed on December 28, 2023, in the Tokyo District Court, demands the immediate cessation of sales of the imitation products, and compensation for damages incurred by the Company as a result of these sales.

The UNIQLO brand operates 2,491 stores in 26 markets around the world (as of December 31, 2023), delivering high-quality casual wear for everyone based on the LifeWear concept. The Company filed this complaint because it has determined that the form of the imitation products sold by SHEIN closely resembles that of its own product, and that the sale of the imitation products by SHEIN significantly undermines the high level of customer confidence in the quality of the UNIQLO brand and its products.

Fast Retailing Co. Ltd., operator of UNIQLO, respects the intellectual property rights of its corporate group and other companies in its business activities. Fast Retailing takes a resolute stance against any act that infringes on its intellectual property and will take appropriate measures in response, including legal action.


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