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Last Updated: 2018.09.19

Fast Retailing Strengthening Collaboration with Google in Drive to Become Digital Consumer Retail Company

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Fast Retailing today announces a collaboration with Google Cloud to accelerate a range of initiatives under Fast Retailing's Ariake Project, which aims to transform Fast Retailing into a digital consumer retail company.

As an information-driven entity, Fast Retailing would understand customers deeply, create only what they want, and deliver merchandise by the best means. The company is accordingly reviewing its entire structure, from sales through the supply chain, to overhaul work practices and foster concerted, customer-centric efforts among all employees.

Fast Retailing is joining with digital enterprises around the world to harness advanced digital innovations as an engine for materializing its project vision. The company has already launched projects with Google in various areas.

In a first in Japan, Fast Retailing has partnered with Google Cloud's Advanced Solutions Lab team to use some of the world's most advanced machine learning and image recognition technologies to evaluate product trends and predict demand. Fast Retailing and the team are working together to harness Big Data, which includes customer feedback and behavioral and external information.

It is essential for all employees to operate in unison based on the same information - from stores to headquarters and production and logistics sites - to swiftly create and supply the merchandise that customers seek. Fast Retailing and Google will leverage G Suite cloud computing, productivity, and collaborative tools as a communication platform that connects everything in the company and consolidates the knowledge of all employees. Fast Retailing will step up global collaboration with Google, including through Google Cloud, to accelerate and broaden the scope of transformative initiatives to materialize the digital consumer retail company vision, enriching the lives of people everywhere and contributing to social progress.


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