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Last Updated: 2018.05.01

Former POPEYE Editor-in-Chief Takahiro Kinoshita Joins Fast Retailing

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Fast Retailing today announces that Takahiro Kinoshita, former Editor-in-Chief of leading Japanese fashion and culture magazine POPEYE, has joined effective today as Fast Retailing Executive Officer to manage UNIQLO's overall creative communications, including messaging, branding, marketing, store communications, and product design.

Tadashi Yanai, Fast Retailing Chairman, President & CEO, commented, "I am extremely pleased to welcome such a distinguished and talented editor as Mr. Kinoshita. As a global brand originating in Japan, our desire is to provide all people around the world with genuinely good clothing based on our LifeWear concept. To grow UNIQLO into a truly global brand, information editing capabilities are more important than ever before. Mr. Kinoshita has connected with the world through his work at POPEYE, and now at UNIQLO I hope he will shape and convey the positive aspects of Japan on a global scale, and the positive aspects of the world to the people of Japan."

Takahiro Kinoshita commented, "In a special feature we did on snapshots in POPEYE, the brand most worn by young people around the world these days was UNIQLO. I felt that this was an extremely intriguing company, and decided to join Fast Retailing. UNIQLO is already the face of Japan. People everywhere are interested in what sort of expression UNIQLO makes, and I hope to ensure that UNIQLO always shows a positive face both in Japan and around the world."

Takahiro Kinoshita Profile
Born in 1968, Mr. Kinoshita joined Magazine House in 1997, serving as Associate Editor and Fashion Chief for BRUTUS, and for around six years from 2012 as Editor-in-Chief of POPEYE. He is a leading editor in Japan and has been featured in overseas publications, including "The 50 Most Stylish Men in Media" in COMPLEX, "Meet the 10 Editors Behind the World's Best Publications" in Highsnobiety, and "The Navigators" in KINFOLK.


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