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Last Updated: 2016.09.06

Fast Retailing Wins Grand Award for the Second Consecutive Year at the ARC Awards, the World's Largest Annual Report Contest

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Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.'s English-language Annual Report 2015 was granted a Grand Award for the second consecutive year at the Annual International ARC Awards, the world's largest annual report contest held in the United States. This year, Fast Retailing was awarded Gold for Chairman's Letter and Silver for Photography, and was also selected from among a group of nominated finalists to receive the prestigious Best of Chairman's Letter International Grand Award.

The ARC offers Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honors awards across a range of annual report categories, including Overall Excellence, Cover Design, Chairman's Letter and Interior Design. The reports are evaluated on a specific set of factors, including how succinct and crisp the overall corporate message is, the persuasiveness of the text, the clarity and readability of financial data, the originality of the cover and interior design, and the level of cohesion and consistency of the whole report. Judging is extremely strict, with any report that fails to achieve the required minimum score labeled as "non-applicable". Winning a Gold Award is even more challenging, and requires the winning candidate to earn over 90 out of a possible 100 points for all the categories. Only 5% of prize-winning reports ever achieve that score.

The International ARC Awards contest is an annual report competition held by MerComm, Inc., an independent awards organization located in the United States. The organization is free from the influence of specific industries, advertisers, or sponsors, with reviews and evaluations carried out in a fair manner by judges from a variety of countries and industries. The competition's near 200 judges work in such fields as the financial industry, private corporations and production industries. This year marked the 30th year of competition, with 2,124 entries from 32 countries. (See ARC's own reporting of the event: "ARC Awards - the world's largest annual report competition - announced the Grand Award winners" http://www.mercommawards.com/arc.htm)

Fast Retailing Annual Report 2015

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Fast Retailing's Annual Report 2015 is available on the company's website.



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