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Last Updated: 2007.01.10

FAST RETAILING to open new commercial facility in Tsudanuma, Narashino, Chiba in autumn 07

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FAST RETAILING’s commercial facility development & management business is looking to open its third commercial facility in Autumn 2007. The building will be located near the Shin Keisei Railway’s Tsudanuma station. This facility will follow on from our first facility “mina tenjin”  opened in Fukuoka City , November 2005, and the second facility to be opened in 2008 in the Kyoto Takarazuka Building (commercial name to be decided, Kyoto City).11

 FAST RETAILING’s commercial facility business

FAST RETAILING began it’s commercial facility operation in November 2006. The new business involves renting an entire building, attracting suitable tenants plus subsequent management of the project. Our first building opened in the famous “mina tenjin”, Hakata Tenjin in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu’s largest shopping area. We completely refurbished the well known former Tenjin Matsuya Ladies Building, and turned it into the “mina tenjin” with the enjoyment of everyday life as its theme. This facility has attracts many loyal customers from a 50km area around Fukuoka City, an area whose population is expected to reach 5 million by 2010.

The second project involves the rental of the newly constructed Kyoto Takarazuka Building in Chukyo, Kyoto City. The basic rental agreement has been finalized and we plan to open in 2008.

 New facility in Tsudanuma to open this autumn

This third project will generate our second grand opening. This commercial facility has been developed on the concept of “life style community”, with the aim of creating an own style store that people can use to express their individual tastes. It will be a fun community place where individuals, groups of friends, or couples can come to relax without having to look at their watches. We are offering a third place away from the workplace/college, or home. The building will boast a total floor space of 13,200sqm from basement to 8th floor. We are looking not only looking to attract clothing retailers but a whole range of tenants that can help make our lives richer and more enjoyable. Of course, we plan to open a large UNIQLO store as well this commercial facility.

  Basic detail  
 Building name:  Tsudanama 14th street building (Shin Keisei Building No. 6)
 ※Former Marui Tsudanuma Store
 Address:  1-3-1 Tsudanuma, Narashino-shi, Chiba Prefecture
 Building owner:  Shin Keisei Railways
 Opening:  Autumn 2007 (tentative)
 Building structure:  Steel reinforced concrete
 Scale:  One basement floor, 8 floors above ground
 Construction area:  2,342.23㎡
 Total usable area:  15,311.48㎡