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Last Updated: 2006.08.02

FAST RETAILING to increase capital at its South Korean subsidiary

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   FAST RETAILING has decided to conduct a capital injection into its South Korean subsidiary FRL Korea Co., Ltd. The details of the said injection are laid out below.

1. Reason for capital injection
To strengthen UNIQLO operations in the Republic of Korea through additional store openings, etc.

2. Details of capital injection
    (1) Capital injection total                            6 billion Korean won
    (2) No of outstanding shares                      1,200,000 ordinary shares
    (3) No of shares post capital increase         2,400,000 ordinary shares
    (4) Date of completion                               September 2006 (tentative)

3. Outline of FRL Korea Co., Ltd.
    (1) Business name                  FRL Korea Co., Ltd.
    (2) Business location              In the environs of Seoul, Republic of Korea
    (3) Business representative    
      Joint Representative Director/President      Sung-Soo Ahn
      Joint Representative Director/Vice President   Satoshi Hatase
    (4) Business aim                    The sale and promotion of UNIQLO brand casual clothes in
                      the Republic of Korea
    (5) Date of establishment       December 16, 2004
    (6) Capital                             Before capital injection: 6 bln Korean won (approx. ¥0.7bln)
                                                 After capital injection: 12 bln Korean won (approx. ¥1.4bln)
                                                 ※Calculated using exchange rate of 1 Korean won = ¥0.1205
    (7) Shareholdings                  FAST RETAILING CO., LTD. 51.0%
                      Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd. 49.0%
                                                 (This capital injection will not change the holdings ratio)

4. Expected impact on FR consolidated results
  This capital injection will not affect FR consolidated results for the year to August 31, 2006.