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Last Updated: 2006.04.19

FAST RETAILING to purchase CABIN Co., Ltd stock

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 On April 19, 2006, FAST RETAILING CO., LTD. concluded a share transfer agreement to purchase 11,547,000 shares in CABIN Co., Ltd., a developer of women’s wear fashions, is listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (code number 8164). The details of the transfer are outlined below.

1. Reason for acquisition
    FAST RETAILING took over the stake in CABIN held by Daiwa Securities SMBC Principal Investments Co., Ltd. The 11,547,000 shares represent an investment ratio of 25.70% and a 28.86% proportion of voting rights. FAST RETAILING will become CABIN’s biggest single shareholder providing us with the opportunity to establish a strong cooperative relationship with CABIN and its staff.
    Through this cooperative relationship, FAST RETAILING and CABIN will develop a comprehensive business tie up. For the FAST RETAILING Group, the benefits are twofold. The tie up will enable us to strengthen our women’s clothing business, and also, the positioning of CABIN as an equity-method affiliate will help enhance the corporate value of the FR group.

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