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Last Updated: 2023.02.21

PLST TOKYO Opens Friday March 10 on the Fourth Floor of UNIQLO TOKYO in Ginza

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PLST Co., Ltd., the Fast Retailing brand of top-quality everyday clothing for business professionals, today announces the opening of PLST TOKYO on Friday March 10, 2023, on the fourth floor of UNIQLO TOKYO, the UNIQLO Global Flagship Store in Ginza, Tokyo. To mark the opening, the store, which carries both women's and men's lines, will also carry items limited to PLST TOKYO and the PLST online store.

With the opening of PLST TOKYO in the UNIQLO TOKYO Store, Fast Retailing will have assembled a number of its key apparel brands in a single central Tokyo location that is easily accessible from Yurakucho Train Station, Ginza-itchome Subway Station, and Ginza Subway Station. PLST TOKYO - where customers can also easily enjoy coordinating items from UNIQLO, GU, Theory, Comptoir des Cotonniers, and Princesse tam.tam - aims to deliver top-quality everyday wear to various customers.

Ahead of the opening, PLST CEO Kunikazu Kawasaki commented, "I am delighted to see PLST opening at UNIQLO TOKYO. We hope that by meeting the needs of our customers, and making even one more person happy, more and more people will become fans of PLST. Assembling all major Fast Retailing Group brands at UNIQLO TOKYO is a chance for UNIQLO and GU customers to get to know PLST, so I am looking forward to this store opening in particular. Coming through the Covid-19 pandemic has reaffirmed the importance of connecting with people in real life. With more people going out and meeting each other, we hope our clothes will be helpful to our customers."

About PLST
PLST (Plus T) is a brand that belongs to the Fast Retailing Group, alongside UNIQLO, GU, and others, and offers smart clothing for all kinds of everyday occasions, such as going out, meeting people, and going to work. PLST apparel is essential everyday wear with designs that enrich daily life and reveal the beauty of the wearer.

PLST TOKYO & Online Store Exclusive Product Lineup
To commemorate the opening of PLST TOKYO, a series of MADE IN TOKYO WHOLEGARMENT Knits will be available at the new store.


WHOLEGARMENT Knit Garter High Neck Sweater
¥15,000 (incl. tax)

WHOLEGARMENT Knit Ribbed Crew Neck Sweater
¥13,000 (incl. tax)

WHOLEGARMENT Knit Circular Skirt
¥15,000 (incl. tax)

  • Crepe Georgette Back Pleated Blouse (Long Sleeve)
    ¥11,000 (incl. tax)

  • Crepe Georgette Back Pleated Blouse (Long Sleeve)
    ¥9,990 (incl. tax)

PLUS STYLE Stick Pants (Linen Blend)
3 Limited Edition Colors
¥9,990 (incl. tax)

UV-Cut Rayon-Blend 2WAY Sweater 3 Limited Edition Colors ¥6,990 (incl. tax)

UV-Cut Rayon-Blend Crew Neck Cardigan 3 Limited Edition Colors ¥6,990 (incl. tax)


  • Multi-Stretch Jersey Jacket
    ¥23,000 (incl. tax)

    Multi-Stretch Jersey Trousers
    ¥12,000 (incl. tax)

  • Wool-Blend Blazer
    Limited Color
    ¥23,000 (incl. tax)


PLST TOKYO Limited Novelty Items

  • (1) track Fabric Mist
    From March 10 (Friday), the first 150 customers who spend ¥20,000 (incl. tax) or more will receive a 100 ml bottle of track Fabric Mist No.1 (White Tea Fragrance) or No.3 (Arabian Jasmine Fragrance) as a special present.
    Customers can use these pleasant fragrances to enhance the comfort of their PLST items for an even richer experience.

    * Limited to customers who spend ¥20,000 (incl. tax) or more in a single purchase
    ** Limited to one per customer, while stocks last

(2) Choice of Gift
For three days starting March 10 (Friday), customers making purchases will receive a gift of either a voucher that can be exchanged for one cup of UNIQLO COFFEE, or one UNIQLO FLOWER bouquet of their choosing (the first 60 customers per day for each gift).

* One per customer, while stocks last
** Original Blend (Hot/Ice) only


Updated Brand Logo

  • Since the brand first launched in 2002, PLST has used a simple logo consisting of four squares arranged horizontally. Now, the logo has been updated by creative director Kashiwa Sato, in line with other Fast Retailing Group brands UNIQLO and GU. The PLST official website will be renewed with the updated logo to coincide with the opening of PLST TOKYO.


PLST Store Overview

Location:3-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Marronnier Gate Ginza 2, 4F
Sales Floor Area:Approx. 198.35 square meters
Product Lines:Women's and Men's
Opening Date:March 10 (Friday), 2023
Special Website:https://www.plst.com/jp/ja/contents/special-feature/plst_tokyo/
PLST Official Website:https://www.plst.com/jp/ja/


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