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Last Updated: 2017.09.25

UNIQLO Launches Seamless HEATTECH, Giving Away 1 Million Items in to Thank Customers for Buying 1 Billion HEATTECH Pieces Over 15 Years

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UNIQLO today announces the launch of the HEATTECH Seamless items. The new offerings reflect extensive consumer feedback and mark 15 years since the debut of this signature thermal innerwear range, which has sold an estimated 1 billion articles to date on the strength of its outstanding comfort and performance. To put that in perspective, the fabric used in this enduringly popular line would stretch 700,000 kilometers, or 17.5 times around the globe. UNIQLO is simultaneously rolling out a customer appreciation campaign in which it will give away 1 million HEATTECH articles in Japan as a gesture of thanks to customers.

New HEATTECH Features

This year's HEATTECH lineup features four key advances that are the fruit of ongoing customer feedback.

1. Men's seamless line
This year, UNIQLO is offering men's seamless HEATTECH items for the first time. They offer an even more comfortable fit by eliminating seams around the neck, cuffs, and hems eliminating telltale lines under business shirts and other items.

2. Extra Warm and Ultra Warm incorporating argan oil moisturizer
The HEATTECH fabric in Men's and Kids' Extra Warm and Men's and Women's Ultra Warm lines now incorporates argan oil moisturizer in the fibers for a softer, suppler feel against the skin, a great benefit in dry winter weather.

3. Fabric employing advanced fibers to care for delicate female skin
New Women's Extra Warm items this year employ a micro-acrylic fiber that is finer than on previous HEATTECH offerings, improving softness by around 30%. The enhanced smoothness reduces friction when putting items on. For Ultra Warm, the hems on cuffs and the neck opening are significantly thinner to deliver superior comfort.

4. Comfort-enhancing design improvements
UNIQLO has altered sleeve lengths to better reflect usage requirements. For Men's Ultra Warm, it is employing nine-tenths sleeves for better comfort in extreme conditions. Women's half-sleeves are about 1.5 cm longer to boost fit during movement. Another improvement is the use of a beige that is virtually unnoticeable, even under white blouses.

Thanking customers for their support in campaign to give away1million items worldwide
On September 29, UNIQLO will roll out a campaign to thank customers for their support of HEATTECH over 15 years, by giving away 1 million items in Japan. Many of these articles will go to businesses and organizations in Japan that have supported local UNIQLO stores, to students looking to increase their enjoyment of wintertime outdoor activities, and others wanting the make the most of winter in comfort.

New Product Lineup

HEATECH Seamless V-neck T-shirt (half sleeves)
¥1,500 + consumption tax (pricing in Japan)
XS to 4XL (XS and XXL to 4XL only available at the uniqlo.com online store)
Four colors

Information about HEATECH products


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