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Last Updated: 2015.09.14

UNIQLO Expands its HEATTECH Line to a Record 320 Items, for Head-to-Toe Warmth

Innerwear Silkier, with Infusion of Camellia Oil and Finer Thread

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UNIQLO today announces that this fall it has expanded its lineup of products incorporating HEATTECH to a record 320, from conventional innerwear to pants, knitwear, and fleece. The heat warming and retention of HEATTECH has made it an indispensable item for cold weather, and by incorporating this functionality, UNIQLO is offering warmth from head to toe and a greater range of outfit combinations to enjoy during the fall and winter season.

The men's line has been expanded with new HEATTECH bottoms, including jeans from Kaihara and Chino pants with a slim silhouette. The women's line now includes cable knits - a men's item also popular with women last year - as well as half-zip and stretch-type fleece widely used in sports, and gaucho pants.

UNIQLO is launching a series of items that can be worn both as innerwear and on their own, such as women's ribbed HEATTECH. It is also introducing items that extend beyond the usual boundaries of innerwear, including HEATTECH in feminine designs through a collaboration with the popular French lingerie brand PRINCESSE tam•tam and HEATTECH incorporating designs with Disney characters.

In response to customer feedback, UNIQLO is launching in its kids' line HEATTECH Extra Warm, innerwear with 1.5 times the warmth of ordinary HEATTECH. The added warmth was confirmed based on in-house research, calculated based on the CLO value expressing thermal resistance in clothing. The CLO value of HEATTECH Extra Warm compared to HEATTECH innerwear is 1.4 times greater for the men's line, and 1.6 times for the women's line.

This year UNIQLO is expanding its line of HEATTECH products infused with camellia oil, a moisturizing ingredient widely used in cosmetics, to include men's and kids' items except Mens' and Kid's HEATTECH Extra Warm. The men's line also features a change in the knitting pattern that enhances the stretchability of the material by around 10%, providing a better fit and making it easier to take on and off.

For the women's line, the diameter of the acrylic fiber in the yarn has been reduced by around 20%, and the knit pattern revised, making the surface of the material around 20% smoother for an even softer feel on the skin.

For HEATTECH Extra Warm, UNIQLO has smoothed out the unevenness of the napping on the inside of the material, reducing stuffiness and improving the feel.


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