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Last Updated: 2015.04.20

UNIQLO's 2015 AIRism Collection to Include New Mesh, and "Extra Smooth" and Casual Wear

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UNIQLO today announces the launch of its 2015 AIRism collection. In the men's line, UNIQLO has revisited the mesh series, doubling its breathability for optimal Summer comfort, while for women it is introducing new Extra Smooth high-grade innerwear, with twice the blending ratio of breathable cupra fabric - improving moisture absorption and release by around 1.5 times. UNIQLO is also offering new items for women in AIRism material, suitable for casual wear - such as hoodies, T-shirts, and bottoms.

UNIQLO launched AIRism in 2013 as a global strategic brand, and has updated and improved it each season, for the ultimate in comfort, based on UNIQLO's LifeWear concept of easy-to-wear, functional clothing for comfort year-round.

Revised men's mesh series with greater breathability - Alongside standard AIRism, the mesh series provides extra comfort during the mid-Summer months. This year, UNIQLO has enhanced the mesh to provide a cool sensation, and decreased transparency. A unique weaving style provides wider openings, in a design that doubles breathability.

New women's Extra Smooth line with 1.5 times greater moisture absorption and release - UNIQLO has doubled to around 60% the blending ratio of cupra, a regenerated cellulosic fiber made from cotton, improving moisture absorption and release by around 1.5 times. This lessens the sweat and humidity under clothing, providing a smoother and silkier feel on the skin. This high-grade AIRism line provides comfort from the moment it touches your skin.

New evolution of AIRism as functional casual wear for women - Building on AIRism functionality, UNIQLO is branching out from innerwear and launching a new line of everyday clothing. The highly functional AIRism material is offered mainly in women's items, including hoodies, T-shirts, and bottoms. The stretchy and smooth-feeling fabric allows for all-day comfort. In addition to active wear for yoga or jogging, they can be used as a summertime jacket to cope with strong air conditioning or morning and evening chill.

Revised yarn blend for greater comfort in kids' items - While retaining perspiration-absorbing and quick-drying functionality, to reduce the humid feeling caused by children's high body temperature UNIQLO has added moisture absorption and release properties by incorporating modal, a silky type of rayon that is water resistant. This new blend makes children's clothes even more comfortable.

New mesh series with enhanced breathability

Widening the mesh openings doubles the breathability

Mesh NEW item lineup

[NEW] AIRism Mesh Crew Neck T (S) / [NEW] AIRism Mesh V Neck T (S)

New "Extra Smooth" Women's AIRism Products

Increased blending ratio of cupra

"Extra Smooth" item lineup provides a high-grade, smooth and silky feel


Women's Casual Wear AIRism


Product Lineup

*Retail prices exclude tax.


No.ProductColors &
SizesRetail PriceStore
Sales Period
 1AIRism Crew Neck T
(Short Sleeve)
5S-4XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 2AIRism V Neck T
(Short Sleeve)
6S-4XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
New3AIRism Mesh Crew Neck T
(Short Sleeve))
5S-4XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
New4AIRism Mesh V Neck T
(Short Sleeve)
6S-4XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 5AIRism Mesh V Neck
6S-4XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 6AIRism Mesh Tank Top5S-4XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 7AIRism Boxer Briefs13S-4XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 8AIRism Boxer Briefs
(Low Rise)
9S-4XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 9AIRism Mesh Long Boxer Briefs4S-4XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 10AIRism Steteco14S-4XL1,290 yenAll storesOn sale

*XXL-4XL sizes (as well as S size briefs and steteco) only at the UNIQLO online store (www.uniqlo.com)


Innerwear / Brassiere Tops

No.ProductColors &
SizesRetail PriceStore
Sales Period
 1AIRism Camisole30S-3XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 2AIRism padded camisole5S-3XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
New3AIRism Extra Smooth Camisole5S-3XL1,500 yenAll storesMid-May頃
New4AIRism Extra Smooth Tank Top5S-3XL1,500 yenAll storesMid-May頃
 5AIRism Tank Top27S-3XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 6AIRism U Neck T
(Short Sleeve)
23S-3XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 7AIRism U Neck T
(3/4 Sleeve)
6S-3XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 8AIRism Tube Top +4S-3XL990 yenLarge storesOn sale
 9AIRism Slip2S-3XL1,500 yenAll storesOn sale
 10AIRism Petticoat +E2S-XL990 yenLarge storesOn sale
 11AIRism Lace Shorts
(Hip Hanger)
5M-2XL790 yenAll storesOn sale
 12AIRism Lace Shorts
(Just West)
5M-2XL790 yenAll storesOn sale
 13AIRism Leggings (Full Length)2M/L・L/XL990 yenAll storesOn sale
 14AIRism Stirrup Pants +E2M/L・L/XL990 yenMegastoresOn sale
 15AIRism Seamless Brassiere6S-2XL1,990 yenAll storesOn sale
 16AIRism Seamless Camisole6S-2XL1,990 yenStandard storesOn sale
 17AIRism Seamless Crew Neck T
(Short Sleeve)
5S-XL1,990 yenMegastoresOn sale
 18AIRism Room Set
(Short Sleeve) Border
4S-3XL1,990 yenAll storesOn sale
 19AIRism Room Dress
(Short Sleeve)
11S-3XL1,990 yenAll storesOn sale
 20AIRism Bra Camisole21S-3XL1,990 yenAll storesOn sale
 21AIRism Lace Bra Camisole11S-3XL1,990 yenAll storesOn sale
 22AIRism Bra Tank Top29S-3XL1,990 yenAll storesOn sale
 23AIRism Padded Bra camisole5S-3XL1,990 yenAll storesOn sale
 24AIRism Bra U Neck T
(Short Sleeve)
10S-3XL1,990 yenAll storesOn sale

*XXL-3XL sizes only at the UNIQLO online store (www.uniqlo.com)

Casual Wear

No.ProductColors &
SizesRetail PriceStore
Sales Period
New1AIRism Gathered Crew Neck T
(Short Sleeve)
6S-3XL1,500 yenAll storesOn sale
New2AIRism Round Neck T
(Short Sleeve)
5S-3XL1,500 yenAll storesOn sale
New3AIRism Tank Top +E6S-XL1,500 yenMegastoresOn sale
New4AIRism French Terry Pullover +E4S-XL1,990 yenMegastoresMid-May
New5AIRism UV Cut Mesh Hoodie12S-3XL2,290 yenAll storesOn sale
New6AIRism French Terry Pants +E3S-XL2,990 yenMegastoresMid-May
New7AIRism Skirt +E3S-L1,990 yenMegastoresMid-May
New8AIRism Ankle Leggings +E3S-XL2,990 yenMegastoresMid-May
New9AIRism Cropped Leggings+E3S-XL2,990 yenMegastoresMid-May
New10AIRism Bra6S-XL1,990 yenAll storesMid-May
New11AIRism Racerback Bra Tank6S-3XL1,990 yenAll storesMid-May
New12AIRism Highback Bra Camisole6S-3XL1,990 yenAll storesMid-May

*XXL-3XL sizes only at the UNIQLO online store (www.uniqlo.com)


No.ProductColors &
SizesRetail PriceStore
Sales Period
 1K AIRism U Neck T
(Short Sleeve) 1P
4100-160500 yenStandard storesOn sale
 2K AIRism Tank Top 1P4100-160500 yenStandard storesOn sale
 3G AIRism Camisole 1P3100-160500 yenStandard storesOn sale
 4G AIRism Double Layer Camisole 1P4100-160500 yenStandard storesOn sale

*160 size only at the UNIQLO online store (www.uniqlo.com)


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