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Last Updated: 2014.10.15

UNIQLO Launches New Generation of Warm and Fashionable Fleece

Celebrating 20 Years of Evolution and Popularity as Basic, Everyday Wear

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UNIQLO today announces the launch of its new generation of high quality and functional fleece for the 2014 Fall and Winter season. Comfortable as basic, everyday wear, the new fleece line offers the latest warmth retention and wind resistant functionality, providing fashionable protection against cold.

UNIQLO launched its first fleece product 20 years ago in 1994, and has since continued to present new lifestyle ideas through fashion. Fleece was originally marketed mainly as outdoor wear until the opening of the UNIQLO Harajuku store in Tokyo, in 1998, when it was presented as casual wear offering everyday comfort and warmth. Today fleece has come to symbolize the concept of LifeWear - the company's commitment to creating clothing with a focus on the wearer - and has become an item of clothing that adds color and richness to everyday life. Twenty years since its launch, fleece has continued to evolve in terms of both functionality and fashion, while retaining its essential benefits of lightness, warmth and ease of use.

UNIQLO is first to use special fibers with heat-insulating properties, for fleece that provides 1.5ºC greater internal warmth compared to previous products, based on test data from UNIQLO's internal research facility (Comparison wearing the current Men's Fleece Full-Zip Jacket and the Men's Fleece Full-Zip Jacket made with special heat-insulating fibers. The actual increase in internal warmth varies by wearer). The cross-section of these special fibers forms a "C" shape that retains dead air, and increases warmth. The material also incorporates special minerals that insulate heat and emit extreme infrared radiation, converting solar heat to enhance warmth, compared to previous fleece products.

Fleece retains air for warmth, but air also easily penetrates it. Now, UNIQLO's "wind-resistant fleece" resolves this by incorporating a special wind-blocking, stretchable film between the front and back fleece layers, providing protection from wind without any loss of fleece's unique softness and comfort. With sufficient warmth even in mid-winter when worn over a t-shirt, "wind-resistant fleece" combines a stylish look suitable around town, with cold protection perfect for biking, sports, and other outdoor activities (Available at large stores only.)

UNIQLO is also launching new stylish fleece, such as pea coats, pullovers, and skirts. UNIQLO has renewed the women's "urban fleece" line, launched last year, which changed perceptions of fleece. A total of seven items in black and navy allow for a fashionable fleece outfit, including pullovers, blouson jackets, dresses and skirts. This year UNIQLO also offers products that combine fleece with other fabrics to create a more refined, urban style.

Fleece made with special heat-insulating fibers

Men's - Fleece Full-Zip Jacket
Women's - Fleece Full-Zip Jacket; Fluffy Fleece
Price:¥1,990 +tax
Sizes:Men's, S-4XL; Women's, X-3XL
(*Certain sizes are only available at online store)

Wind-resistant fleece (Men's)

Wind Proof Faux Shearling Jacket; Wind Proof fleece Full-Zip Hoodie; Wind Proof Military Fleece Jacket; Wind Proof Fleece Pants
Price:¥2,990 - ¥3,990 +tax
(* Certain sizes are only available at online store)

Fashionable fleece lineup

Price:¥1,990 - ¥3,990 +tax
Sizes:Men's, S-4XL; Women's, S-3XL
(* Certain sizes are only available at online store)

Urban fleece (Women's)

Price:¥1,990 - ¥5,990 +tax
(* Certain sizes are only available at online store)


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