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Last Updated: 2014.09.24

UNIQLO Launches 2014 Fall Winter HEATTECH Lineup

Improved elasticity and more camellia oil moisturizer in regular HEATTECH,
And greater range of Extra Warm HEATTECH items

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UNIQLO today announces the launch of the 2014 Fall Winter HEATTECH lineup for men, women, and kids. Among the range of enhancements for the extensive collection of 253 items is an increase in the number of garments featuring HEATTECH Extra Warm, a technology that offers around 50% greater warmth than regular HEATTECH. And the popular UNIQLO mainstay, HEATECH, provides improved comfort and functionality this season.

UNIQLO'S HEATTECH Extra Warm line debuted in 2013 following customer feedback asking for the benefits of HEATTECH that will work in the coldest weather. HEATTECH Extra Warm offers adjusted knit and thicker fabric for a napped finish that creates a layer of air against the skin to provide around 50% greater warmth than the regular HEATTECH products.

Also in response to customer feedback, UNIQLO added a turtle neck, V-neck, and tights for men and leggings for women as part of the Extra Warm range of items.

UNIQLO enhanced HEATTECH's comfort, by lengthening the stitch loops of the fabric, for greater structural elasticity - it now stretches by up to 25% in any direction (based on a comparison with last year's items). This reduces resistance when putting on and removing, improving comfort. At the same time, the new micro-rayon fabric, for men's and women's lines, results in an even smoother texture.

From 2013, UNIQLO has blended Camellia oil, which is used in cosmetics and other products into HEATTECH as a moisturizer. This year, UNIQLO incorporated 30% more Camellia oil (based on comparison with last year's products, during fabric treatment) for an even softer feel, to fight dry skin through the Winter.

Finally, UNIQLO continues with HEATTECH sweaters featuring carbon woven into the fabric, which absorbs sunlight and converts it into thermal energy, first launched in 2013. For 2014, UNIQLO extended the men's and women's line, including adding new long boxer pants for men.

Note: The calculation for greater warmth in the HEATTECH Extra Warm line is based on the clo value, which measures the thermal resistance of a garment. The tests, conducted by UNIQLO and based on the ISO 9920 standard, showed that HEATTECH Extra Warm is 40% warmer than HEATTECH innerwear for men and 60% for women.


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