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Last Updated: 2014.09.22

UNIQLO Launches its 2014 Ultra Light Down Fall Winter Collection - Expands offering, with a record 20 styles

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UNIQLO today announces the launch of its Ultra Light Down (ULD) line for the 2014 Fall Winter season, featuring a record twenty styles - eight more than last year - that continue to expand downs versatility, with signature lightness and warmth. Along with the popular jackets, vests, and Compact Down that doubles as innerwear, new products this year include an even warmer ULD parka, all new quilted pattern jackets and vests, and much more. The expanded ULD lineup offers something for everyone, to enjoy the lightness and warmth of portable down.

For the first time, ULD jackets for women and ULD vests come in a "diamond" quilt design - suitable for both casual and more formal occasions. The men's lineup includes jackets with a "square quilt" pattern.

The ULD coat lineup has expanded, offering both business and casual options. In the men's line, UNIQLO features a new half-length business coat, suitable over a blazer jacket. For women, it brings a fashionable shawl collar coat, and a versatile wrap-around coat.

New this season is a men's parka, with aluminum printing on the lining, to reflect radiant heat, providing even greater warmth - the same principle as a thermos bottle. Jointly developed with Toray, it is ideal for long periods in the cold, in that the new material reflects around 1.5 times the heat of ordinary ULD (based on UNIQLO testing, with comparison at a measurement wavelength of 5-20μm). Careful attention to detail, such as zipper seams, further enhances warmth retention. A special processing ensures that the parka retains its softness, despite the printing, while the lattice pattern keeps the material lightweight.

Body heat is reflected by the printed aluminum lining, trapping heat inside to improve warmth retention.

Aluminum printed lining

(Heat generating effect of aluminum printing)

Standard material

Aluminum printed material

*Thermal camera image after 30 minutes wearing standard and aluminum printed material.

Ultra Light Down Parka
¥6,990 + tax
S to 4XL (XXL to 4XL online only)
Seven colors
(Three colors at large stores only)

New quilt design jackets and vests

The jacket and vest lineup includes new "diamond" and "square cut" quilt designs - an addition to the standard horizontal pattern. The men's line includes a square cut jacket and diamond vest, in a lustrous fabric with sporty, vivid colors such a blue and orange.

Ultra Light Down Square Quilt Jacket
¥5,990 + tax
S to 4XL (XXL to 4XL online only)
Five colors *Available from mid-November

Ultra Light Down Diamond Quilt Vest
¥3,990 + tax
S to 4XL (XXL to 4XL online only)
Six colors

The women's line comprises a jacket, vest, and a collarless jacket. All three are in diamond quilt, with subdued matte coloring. The collarless jacket creates a minimal, feminine silhouette. Leather detailing highlights are featured at the neckline and cuffs.

W Ultra Light Down Collarless Jacket
¥5,990 + tax
S to 3XL (XXL to 3XL online only)
Four colors
*Available from mid-November

W Ultra Light Down Quilt Jacket
¥5,990 + tax
S to 3XL (XXL to 3XL online only)
Six colors (Large stores only)
*Available from mid-October

W Ultra Light Down Quilt Vest
¥3,990 + tax
S to 3XL (XXL to 3XL online only)
Six colors (Two colors at large stores only)

New coats for mid-winter

ULD men's coats include a new half coat for business, designed to be worn over a blazer, and available in subdued black and gray, as well as herringbone print patterns, for an elegant look that complements wool suits. Design details include left and right-hand pockets, and a hidden front zipper. The coat is also portable, useful for unexpected business trips.

Ultra Light Down Half Coat
¥8,990 + tax
S to 4XL (XXL to 4XL online only)
Four solid colors, two print patterns

Ultra Light Down Coat
¥8,990 + tax
S to 4XL (XXL to 4XL online only)
Three solid colors
*Available from late October

The women's line includes a new "shawl collar" and "wrap" coat. The shawl collar is voluminous and elegant, available in both solid colors and print patterns. The wrap coat includes a waist belt, and adjusting the position and angle of the belt, or the opening of the collar, allows for a range of unique styles.

W Ultra Light Down Shawl Collar Coat
¥8,990 + tax
S to 3XL (XXL to 3XL online only)
Four solid colors, one print pattern
*Print pattern; Available from late October

W Ultra Light Down Wrap Coat
¥12,900 + tax
M to L
(*Available at large stores and online only)
Two colors
*Available from mid-October

UNIQLO jointly developed ULD with textiles leader Toray. It is made from an ultra-fine, durable, lightweight nylon yarn that is softer than cotton or polyester. About 1/10 the thickness of a single strand of human hair, this amazing ultra-fine yarn is behind the incredible lightweight quality of UNIQLO Ultra Light Down.

Ultra-fine nylon yarn (magnified)

Human hair (magnified)

A conventional down jacket comprises outer shells and down packets, to prevent down from escaping through gaps in the fabric. UNIQLO specially treated the Ultra Light Down shells to seal spaces between the fibers, thus eliminating the need for the down packets and reducing weight.

Down jacket with down packet

ULD without down packet

UNIQLO uses specially selected, premium down in all of its Ultra Light Down products, for surprising warmth for their lightness. UNIQLO uses down with a 90:10 down-feather mix and a fill power of at least 640 (fill power is a measure of insulation. Fill power above 550 is commonly accepted as high-quality down).


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