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Last Updated: 2007.10.02

1000 Entries Have Been Selected. Now the Public Gets to Vote! “UTGP08”

1000 Entries Have Been Selected. Now the Public Gets to Vote! 
UNIQLO Global T-shirt Design Competition “UT GRAND PRIX 08”

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UNIQLO announced 1000 preliminary entries selected in the UNIQLO global T-shirt competition “UT GRAND PRIX 08” on the UT GRAND PRIX website (http://ut.uniqlo.com/utgp) on October 2, 2007. The public vote for the second round will begin on the same day and run through October 24. We will also hold a competition to predict the final GRAND PRIX winners between October 2 and November 30. GRAND PRIX T-shirts will be presented to a random 100 correct entries.

1) Announcing the 1000 preliminary selection (October 2, 2007)

The UT Selection Committee has chosen 1000 designs from among a total of 13,206 entries submitted from 63 countries around the world (as of September 24). The 1000 designs selected in the preliminary judging will be displayed on the UT GRAND PRIX website. The aim is to turn this site into a portal site for global designers. The T-shirt designers will be able to use the site to promote themselves and their art, and there will be a blog function for users to record their comments as well.

2) The public to vote in the second round (October 2 to 24, 2007)

Two T-shirts from the 1000 selected designs will automatically appear on the screen to enable visitors to the site to choose which one they like best. Then, we will compile the selection results and work out the winning percentage. The top 100 designs will pass the second round of judging. The UT Selection Committee will also select 100 designs independently. Those 200 designs will then go through to the final round. (We plan to announce the final candidates as they are chosen between December 1, 2007 and February 29, 2008.)

3) Announcement of final results (tentatively set for March 1 to 30, 2008)

The guest judges and the UT Selection Committee will select 30 prizewinners from among the 200 designs in the second round. We will announce these as they are decided on the UT GRAND PRIX website. We shall then invite all of the prizewinners from around the world to Tokyo on April 16, 2008 for the announcement of the GRAND PRIX and the judges’ final selection. We will then hold the prizewinning ceremony. 

 Guess the GRAND PRIX winning design competition (October 2 to November 30, 2007)

We are asking the public to select the design that they predict will win the UT GRAND PRIX 08 from among the 1000 designs on the website. We will present a random selection of 100 correct entries with a winning GRAND PRIX T-shirt.

 UT GRAND PRIX 08 panel of judges
(in alphabetical order)
Yoshitaka Amano(Artist)
Tadao Ando(Architect)
Elliot Erwitt(Photographer)
Yayoi Kusama (Avant-garde novelist)
Kashiwa Sato(Art director)
Yurie Nagashima(Photographer)
Kenichiro Mogi (Brain physiologist)
Tadashi Yanai
(FAST RETAILING President & Chairman)

By hosting the UT GRAND PRIX 08, UNIQLO is looking to make designs and the design process more fun and interesting, enabling designers from all over the world to communicate with consumers.