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Last Updated: 2007.10.01

Global release of the next UNIQLOCK cashmere

~To UNIQLOCK blog parts users in 66 countries around the world~

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UNIQLO CO., LTD. launched its superior 2nd version of UNIQLOCK “Cashmere Version” from October 1 in a move to boost brand visibility and promote UNIQLO’s cashmere knitwear worldwide. (www.uniqlock.jp)

The number of page views for the original UNIQLOCK topped 30 million in 195 countries around the world as of September 16, 2007. And the UNIQLOCK blog parts campaign has also been extremely successful with 12, 889 users in 66 countries incorporating the parts into their own blogs.

For the second version of UNIQLOCK, we will transmit our newly produced dance video to the near 13,000 UNIQLOCK blog parts now being used in 66 countries. The new dance video has been compiled on the “MUSIC X DANCE X CLOCK” concept of communication beyond words to promote our Colorful Cashmere range. Our UNIQLOCK world is evolving and expanding across the globe with the addition of MIDNIGHT Mode and Special Dance, and a new WORLD.UNIQLOCK function that links all UNIQLOCK users around the world.  

1)  An additional three new tracks from Fantastic Plastic Machine (FPM) DJ Tomoyuki Tanaka
2)  MIDNIGHT Mode – a new UNIQLOCK GIRLS variation on video
(To be sent between midnight & 3 a.m.)
3)  Special dance video by Umin & KAMIYAMA
(sent out every hour on the hour)
4)  60 people to be selected by lottery to win one of our cashmere big stoles in a range of 14 colors from October 11, 2007
5)  More features for our WORLD.UNIQLOCK which displays blog part users on a world map
The two new features will be also added from October 11, 2007 – ”BLOG introduction” function that automatically displays the UNIQLOCK users’ blog, and ”WORLD.ALARMPLAY” function that enables users to send their preferred message at a predetermined time.

* The original UNIQLOCK blog parts will automatically update to the cashmere version. Lottery winners will be selected from among UNIQLOCK blog parts users.

UNIQLO is expanding aggressively around the world with current operations in New York, London, Hong Kong, South Korea and China. The UNIQLOCK second version will further promote UNIQLO and its global focus.