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Last Updated: 2007.09.04

UNIQLO to open its 311 Oxford Street Store Wednesday November 7, 2007

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Following its New York global flagship store success,
UNIQLO to open its 311 Oxford Street Store Wednesday November 7, 2007

UNIQLO(U.K.)LTD., one of FAST RETAILING’s operating companies, is to open its global flagship store in London’s Oxford Street. We schedule to open the doors of this our largest UK store with an impressive 2300sqm shop floor on Wednesday, November 7, 2007.
We have also decided to open another large-scale store in Oxford Street (1300sqm) on the same day. With an even more sophisticated level of products, VMD, store operation, service and creativity, we are looking to spread the very latest, and the very best of UNIQLO from Oxford Street, to Europe, and across the globe.

 UNIQLO London global flagship store to open Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Following on from our New York success, we are now poised to open our long-awaited global flagship store in London on Wednesday, November 7, 2007. The store will be located in Oxford Street, London, one of Europe’s best-known shopping areas.
One year on from the opening of our flagship store in Soho New York, UNIQLO has become even more sophisticated in terms of top-quality products, VMD, store operation, service and creativity. We expect the London store to help us expand UNIQLO’s reputation across the globe.

 Top global creative talent comes together once again

The creative direction of the 311 Oxford Street Store will be spearheaded by Kashiwa Sato of Samurai. And Wonderwall’s Masamichi Katayama will be in charge of interior design. These creators who grabbed the attention of the world with the design of our New York Soho store will once again be pooling their creative talents this time on our London stage.  
By sharpening up the original Japanese UNIQLO brand and polishing our brand concept, we plan to use the store to create a concrete image of a “contemporary, cool Japan” to display to the world.
In the wonderfully spacious 22.5 meter wide store entrance, we will be placing round mannequin boxes displaying the very latest coordinates. When we designed this Oxford Street entrance, we hoped that it would soon become an easy and popular meeting place for the people of London.


 Our number two large store to open the same day, on the same street

We have decided to open our large scale store also on Oxford Street on the same day – 170 Oxford Street Store. With a shop floor of approximately 1300sqm, it will be our second largest London store after the 311 Oxford Street Store. We decided to open both the global flagship and the large store on the same day because we saw it as a wonderful opportunity to boost recognition of the UNIQLO brand and spread the UNIQLO brand message not only through London but also through Europe to the rest of the world.

 Global flagship store overview
Store name: 311 Oxford Street Store
Address: 311 Oxford Street,
London W1C 2HP
Shop floor: approx 2300sqm
Opening: November 7, 2007 (tentative)
 New large-scale store overview
Store name: 170 Oxford Street Store
Address: 170/172 Oxford Street,
London W1D 1NQ
Shop floor: approx 1300sqm
Opening: November 7, 2007 (tentative)