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Last Updated: 2007.06.15

UNIQLO offers free UNIQLOCK blog parts in new promotion

UNIQLO new media promotion The new UNIQLOCK site (www.uniqlock.jp)
~MUSIC×DANCE×CLOCK Blog Parts communication to the world ~

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UNIQLO CO., LTD. opened its UNIQLOCK site on June 15 to promote ‘dry’ clothes for a more comfortable summer season. We shall use the site to distribute UNIQLOCK original blog parts to blog users. UNIQLOCK Blog Parts (※1) express time through music and dance with a popular clock function. As UNIQLO continues its global development, UNIQLOCK will target the seventy million blog users around the world.

As part of its UNIQLO MIX campaign (※2) began last autumn, UNIQLO opened its UNIQLO MIX PLAY video website last December where you could browse a performance of dancers wearing parkers in 15 different colors. The video that was also uploaded onto the YouTube video sharing site proved extermely popular clocking up around 430,000 page views, ranking number 2 on YouTube’s Japan Entertainment Top Favorites of All Time as of June 12, 2007.

This latest UNIQLOCK site is a follow-up to UNIQLO MIX PLAY. The MUSIC x DANCE x CLOCK form of communication transcends language barriers to transmit UNIQLO ’s world view throughout the globe.

Starting Thursday July 5, we shall present one person every day, or a total of 60 people, with a G-SHOCK watch with the UNIQLOCK logo (not for commercial sale). The winners will be selected randomly from among users who paste the UNIQLOCK blog parts into their blogs.
At the same time, we are also planning to display a WORLD.UNIQLOCK page showing the number, and location, of users incorporating UNIQLOCK blog parts on a world map.

UNIQLO is expanding aggressively around the world in New York, London, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, etc. Going forward, the ”global ” keyword will be a focal point of our promotion development.

※1: a generic name for parts with various functions for pasting blogs 
※2: Campaign name to pormote UNIQLO clothes coordinates



 Campaign features

1) UNIQLOCK blog parts
We distribute free UNIQLOCK blog parts with a clock function that can be pasted into blogs.
You can choose between a large and a small size part to fit in with the design of your blog.
The blog parts also incorporate some dance video. You can see video of four female dancers, selected at audition from among 16 candidates, doing a ”clock dance” to the time feature.

2) Fantastic Plastic Machine(※3) original time tone music
The clock sound on the dance video uses original Fantastic Plastic Machine sound from Tomoyuki Tanaka.

3) The ”Anonymous Heart (U-Min Heart)” surprise dance
Some surprise pictures are hidden in the blog parts dance footage showing a form of street dance , the ”Anonymous Heart” animation hero that can be viewed at specific times.

4) Screensave downloads
You can download an original screen saver of the dance footage (tentatively avaiable from June 20).

5) UNIQLOCK G-SHOCK watch presents
We shall be presenting a G-SHOCK watch with UNIQLOCK logo to a random selection of campaign participants. We shall distribute the presents over a sixty-day period between July 5 and September 2, one present per day to a total of 60 people.

We shall set up a WORLD.UNIQLOCK page from July 5 showing the number and location of users incorporating the blog parts on a world map.

You can view the 16 dancers who participated in our dance audition on YouTube.
→ YouTube

※3 Fantastic Plastic Machine is the successful international solo project by Tomoyuki Tanaka as DJ/Producer. Tanaka’s own individual music style has gained worldwide support as dance music richly expressing the producer’s roots. Tanaka receives many DJ offers from outside Japan, and has played in around 50 cities to date. With five original albums already released, the long-awaited 2 disc best album FPMB is now on sale through avex. Two latest “Sound Concierge” titles will go on sale on July 4. The DJ-MIX series recorded extraordinary sales as a compilation of the entire 7 pieces since launch in 2004.