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Last Updated: 2007.05.23


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3000sqm the large Japan store

Our 3000sqm UNIQLO Setagaya Chitosedai store opens Friday, May 25, 2007.
We will have 1000 product items on display at this large Japan store. The visual merchandising teams from the US, UK and Japan have all got together to develop the UNIQLO ubiquitous approach to fashion.
Our new "SHISHU & PRINT LABO" will take orders for embroidery and printing in the store.

 A product lineup fit for the large Japan store with 1000 items on offer
The UNIQLO Setagaya Chitosedai store is one of our largest stores in Japan with its 3000sqm shop floor. So of course we will offer a full product lineup of 1000 items that uses the space to the full and changes with each season. The white-based store provides an overwhelmingly clear and pure space where our customers can enjoy the calm and comfortable shopping experience.
This large store can offer a huge range of exciting products:
 New products will be introduced every month with Monthly Style items for women
 Our Premium Inner Collection high quality undergarments for men
 HOTELS HOMES BY UNIQLO home items for the bedroom, bathroom, hair and skincare
 Women’s innerwear section with own cash registers and fitting rooms
 UNIQLO KIDS new Premium Collection focuses on high quality materials & good-fitting clothes that are soft to the skin

 Global VMD presentation
The UNIQLO Setagaya Chitosedai store is one of Japan's largest stores. In recognition of this fact, UNIQLO visual merchandising teams from the US, UK and Japan were brought together for the opening. There will be a group of mannequins in the center of the store. And the 150 mannequins positioned throughout the store is 7.5 times the number for a regular store. UNIQLO's global development will be on display here right through to the VMD.

 Sewing on the spot - the new SHISHU & PRINT LABO
The SHISHU & PRINT LABO will be unique to the UNIQLO Setagaya Chitosedai store. Here you will be able to buy SHISHU 500 for ¥ 500 with writing embroidered on the spot. There will be a whole variety of embroidery services including the UNIQLO original character embroidery SHISHU 1000. We can also take orders for team wear logos, etc.

 Store information  
Store name :  UNIQLO Setagaya Chitosedai
Size : Approx. 3000㎡ on one floor
Opening :  Friday, May 25, 2007
Hours :  Mon-Fri   11:00~20:00
Sat/Sun/Holiday 10:00~20:00 
Address :  Chitosedai 3-20-1, Setagaya, Tokyo
TEL :  81-(0)3-5429-2161