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Last Updated: 2007.04.27

“UT STORE HARAJUKU.” opens Saturday, April 28

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Our Harajuku showcase, a new haven for T-shirt seekers!!
“UT STORE HARAJUKU.” opens Saturday, April 28

UNIQLO has transformed its Harajuku store into a new T-shirt specialty store. The “UT STORE HARAJUKU.” opens Saturday, April 28. The store concept is a future convenience store for T-shirts. On a regular day, the store will be brimming with 500 styles of T-shirts. In this store, anyone will be able to buy the perfect T-shirt to suit his/her tastes. 

We plan to use this store as a base from which to disseminate all kinds of T-shirt information to Japan and the rest of the world, information on new T-shirt content, promotion, display and selection.

 Our future T-shirt convenience store opens in Harajuku April 28

The Harajuku store, which was first opened in 1998, helped to spark the UNIQLO fleece boom. We closed that store, refurbished the site, and we are now opening the T-shirt specialty “UT STORE HARAJUKU.” on Saturday, April 28, 2007.

The store is conceptualized as a future T-shirt convenience store. Through the store, we are aiming to realize the UT brand and create the ideal store for selling T-shirts.

We have used LED (Light-emitting diode) on the entrance. The store interior is red, white and silver. And we are selling T-shirts in 18 types of categorized bottle packages designed by Kashiwa Sato. The bottle packages are meant to resemble the drinks corner in a convenience store. The store also designs the way T-shirts are to be selected by selling them all placed neatly in a row. The store design was produced by Hideto Irikawa, and the store interior was designed by Shigeru Kubota. We feel we have really created a future T-shirt convenience store here for all to see.

 Store information  
Store name: 『UT STORE HARAJUKU.』
Opening date: 11.00 a.m., Saturday, April 28, 2007
Address: 6-10-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 81-(0)-5468 7313
Opening hours: 11:00~21:00
Shop floor: 560sqm
(over 4 floors/1-3F shop, 4F gallery)
UT Web http://ut.uniqlo.com


 Develop as a base to disseminate all kinds of T-shirt information

The “UT STORE HARAJUKU.” will display new T-shirt designs every month, and will offer over 500 T-shirt designs at any one time throughout the year.
We want to build the “UT STORE HARAJUKU.” into a store that acts as a base to disseminate new T-shirt related information around the world including product information, promotion, display and selection. We also want the store to become a famous Harajuku landmark where you can buy a souvenir from one of Japan’s central fashion and trend setting areas.

 The way we select and purchase T-shirts is changing

Search terminals are provided in the “UT STORE HARAJUKU.” to help customers locate the exact product they want in the store. Our system enables you to check your ideal T-shirt using color, style, theme and keywords, and then instantly locate that one single T-shirt within the store. If you wish, you can search for several items at your leisure printing off each set of information. You can also locate a T-shirt on display from the attached Tag.

 “UT STORE HARAJUKU.” limited stock

To mark the opening of the “UT STORE HARAJUKU.” we have created a limited stock of “UT STORE HARAJUKU.” T-shirts as listed below:

①  Plain T-shirts in collaboration with PANTONE
A maximum 24 color display of plain border T-shirts using colors from PANTONE, Inc, the world-renowned authority on color communication across a number of industries including graphics, fashion and interior. There will be a full variety of silhouette and styles.
PANTONE is a trademark of Pantone, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.  © Pantone, Inc., 2007. All rights reserved.

②  “Souvenir from Tokyo” T-shirts
These T-shirts are created in collaboration with the “Souvenir from Tokyo” museum shop housed in the new national gallery opened in Tokyo’s Nogizaka in January this year. The T-shirts will be sold in both “UT STORE HARAJUKU.” and “Souvenir from Tokyo”.

③ Terry Richardson collaboration T-shirts
The T-shirts will display shots taken by New York’s wizard fashion photographer Terry Richardson who was also voted important world fashion photographer in 1997.

 Special Terry Richardson photograph display to mark store opening

The “UT STORE HARAJUKU.”’s 4th floor gallery space is set aside to express T-shirt related art and culture, and we will be exhibiting photographs from well-known photographer Terry Richardson from April 28 through end July. The collection includes photographs of 54 young artists, musicians and dancers from New York wearing UNIQLO T-shirts (including actor Michael Pitt, The kills vocalist Alison Mosshart, model Missy Rayder, and photographer Keiichi Nitta). Entrance to the photo exhibit is free.