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Last Updated: 2007.04.17

Toray×UNIQLO first joint creation Summer pants in “stylish white”

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UNIQLO will begin selling two pants items in its new less see-through “stylish white” range from April 23, 2007. “Stylish white” is the first joint creation following UNIQLO’s business tie- up with Toray Industries, Inc..

 Toray×UNIQLO joint development

Sadayuki Sakakibara, President & CEO of Toray Industries, Inc. and Tadashi Yanai, Chairman & CEO of UNIQLO CO., LTD. first reached an agreement to form a strategic partnership back in March 2006. Based on that agreement, we have been working to create products that offer fresh value to all of our customers. And now, the first joint creation since the signing of our partnership agreement is ready for sale. Our “stylish white” is a “less see-through white”. And we hope these products will enable many women to enjoy a carefree “white” look.

 How is “stylish white” less see-through?

The secret of our “stylish white” range is in the thread. By kneading highly concentrated ceramic into the polyester fiber, we have managed to create a thread that lets less light through. Additional shrinkage creates a very fine weave fabric, and this fabric lets less light through from the outer surface. This is how we created a fabric that is less transparent than previous materials on offer.


 Less transparency but with the same level of comfort


When developing the stylish white range, we prioritized both the “non see-through” and “comfort” qualities. In response to women’s requests on summer pants, we have created less see-through bottoms that are as comfortable to wear as previous garments. And in so doing, we are providing fresh value to our customers.

What’s special about stylish white garments?
①  We’ve achieved a pretty, less see-through white.
②  The “DRY functionality” means the fabric won’t stick to your skin even if you sweat.
③  The high level protection against ultra-violet rays keeps the sun off your skin.
④  While a synthetic fiber, the soft texture means less creases.
⑤  The stretch material helps compliment your shape.

 Stylish white product information

The stylish white products that we are offering this time are pants. We have two pants options in a fresh white color perfect for the summer months.

Product name
Dry style up semi-tight pants 4 colors including stylish white 55~73cm ¥3,990
Dry style up cropped pants 4 colors including stylish white 55~73cm ¥2,990