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Last Updated: 2007.03.29

Japan’s biggest UNIQLO large-format store opens in KOBE HARBORLAND March 30

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Following the success of the global flagship Soho New York store opened in November 2006, UNIQLO is proud to announce the opening of its the first 3,300sqm class large store in Japan.
The KOBE HARBORLAND store that opens on Friday March 30, 2007 will be the largest in Japan with shop floor of approximately 3260 sqm.

An impressive 1000 item product range for Japan’s largest UNIQLO store
The UNIQLO KOBE HARBORLAND store with its shop floor of approximately 3260sqm will be the 20th large-format store in Japan but in a class of its own with a full product range of 1000 items each season. It offers a full array of ranges featuring the highly popular SKINNY jeans that took the market by storm last autumn and the new BOYFRIEND jeans that came on the market this spring in the demin section alone. Of a total 25 ranges, 11 will be for women, 9 for men and 5 for kids.
We will be launching reverse imports of the “Japanese Pop Culture Project” T-shirts that proved very popular when launched in our global flagship Soho New York store back in autumn last year. Other T-shirts will be put on sale at the KOBE HARBORLAND store in advance of other stores in Japan. Of course, we will also be offering products exclusive to the large-format UNIQLO store including the “monthly style” items for women that will provide a new look each month, and 4 styles of Italian extra fine cotton sweaters with that special spring feel. All in all, the full product range will befit Japan’s largest UNIQLO store. 

Prominent corner displays
We will be featuring exciting corner displays as only a large store allows. The corner displays will be divided into four categories. UNIQLO’s ever expanding home items HOTELS HOMES by UNIQLO. The women’s inner wear category complete with its own cash registers and fitting rooms. Uniqlo KIDS with its new premium collection of comfortable, soft, high quality garments. And finally, the men’s inner wear category including our first premium inner collection to be launched at the store. Our customers can enjoy a comfortable shopping experience in a spacious store whose white décor emanates a sense of clear purity.

Global visual merchandising (VMD) presentation
Our visual merchandising has gone from strength to strength since we launched our large-store strategy in October 2004 with the Osaka Shinsaisujibashi store. Our VMD teams across the world in the US, UK and Japan have combined their talents in the opening of the KOBE HARBORLAND store, Japan’s largest UNIQLO outlet. A total of 150 mannequins will be displayed throughout the store, including the group of mannequins positioned in the center of the store. That is more than seven times the number in a regular store. UNIQLO’s global development will also be there for the showing on VMD display.

 Basic store information  
Store name: UNIQLO KOBE HARBORLAND store  
Shop floor: Approx 3260 sqm on one level
Opening date: Friday March 30, 2007
Opening times: 10:00~21:00 
Address: 1-7-5 Higashi-Kawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
TEL :  078-367-4021


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