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Last Updated: 2007.02.26

Following Soho NY store, UNIQLO Japan to open its first 3,300sqm store

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Following Soho New York store, UNIQLO to open
its first 3,300sqm class large store in Japan this spring

Following the success of the Soho New York store, UNIQLO is now looking to open its first 3,300sqm class large store in Japan. The Kobe Harborland store, due to open its doors on Friday March 30, will be Japan’s largest with a shop floor of approx 3,260sqm. And the Setagaya Chitosedai store is expected to open for business around the end of April with a shop floor of 3,000sqm.

 UNIQLO’s set to open its first 3,300sqm Japan stores following Soho New York store

Following the global flagship store Soho New York, UNIQLO is now preparing to open two 3,300sqm class stores in Japan this spring. The first Kobe Harborland store will open on Friday March 30 in Kobe’s well-known leisure and shopping spot. And the second flagship store, Setagaya Chitosedai store, is then expected to open end April in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward. 

【Store information】
Store name  UNIQLO Kobe Harborland store  UNIQLO Setagaya Chitosedai store 
Opening  Friday March 30, 2007  End April (tentative) 
Shop floor  Approx 3,260sqm  Approx 3,000sqm 
Address  1-7-4 Kawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo  3-20-2, Chitosedai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 

With these impressive 3,300sqm stores in Japan, we can display the very best of UNIQLO in terms of product make up, shop floor display and store design.

 We can display the entire UNIQLO product line up to its greatest potential including garments that are not available in regular UNIQLO stores such as our “monthly style” products for women, and “Designers Invitation Project” goods launched in autumn 2006.

 The new stores will provide our customers with an even more fun place to shop with more exciting visual merchandising and wider coordinate suggestions in a larger shopping area - altogether an attractive and enjoyable shopping experience.

 We will also be offering an even fuller range of UNIQLO home items this spring with our HOTELS HOMES by UNIQLO range of bedroom, living, bath and body care.

 White will dominate the shop design emanating a sense of clear purity. The key themes of white space, and clear purity will be expressed through the use of white tiles and white glass throughout the stores. Garments will be arranged in women’s, kids, and men’s zones – the ultimate spacious, bright, comfortable store environment for a truly enjoyable shopping experience.  

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 UNIQLO’s large store strategy

Large store image CG

At UNIQLO, stores of approximately 1,600sqm are classed as large stores and are two to three times the size of our standard-format stores. We believe that these stores are the future engines of growth for UNIQLO, and enable us to enhance the UNIQLO appeal in terms of product development and garment collections. 

We began this large store strategy with the opening of our Shinsaibashi store in Osaka in October 2004. We are currently developing 17 large stores across Japan. We are committed to an aggressive development of our large store policy with 10 new stores planned in the 2007 spring/summer season alone, and a targeted total of 100 large stores in operation within 3 years.