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Last Updated: 2006.02.16

COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS comes to Japan. First Japan store opens in Ginza on February 17, 2006

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 COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS JAPAN CO., LTD., a consolidated subsidiary of FAST RETAILING CO., LTD., will open its first store in Japan on February 17, 2006. Subsequent stores will follow swiftly in a drive to establish the COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS(CDC) brand in Japan. The first Japan store will be the “COMPTOIR DES COTONNNIERS Ginza Store”. The prime site location is on the corner of Chuo Street and Koiyunsya Street. More and more customers will then be able to enjoy the CDC brand in Japan with the opening of further stores; the Shibuya SEIBU Store on March 1st, the Yokohama Landmark Plaza Store and
the Ebisu MITSUKOSHI Store both on March 3rd, and the PRINTEMPS GINZA Store on March 10th. (COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS JAPAN CO., LTD. - Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Capital: 0.45 billion yen, Business representative: Hiroshi Tanaka.)

■ “Merging the Japanese and French management over the next 5 years to
generate net sales of 40.0 billion yen by 2010” (from “Plans for COMPTOIR DES
COTONNIERS brand” at the FAST RETAILING Business Strategy Conference,
September 5, 2005). FAST RETAILING is proud to begin establishing the CDC
brand in Japan starting February 2006.

 As the brand’s first outlet in Japan, the “COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS
Ginza Store” is in the perfect location. The Ginza shopping area is one of which
Japan can be proud and is well known throughout the world. The shop floor of
approximately 90㎡will span the 1st floor and the M2 floor with an event space
set aside on the 2nd floor. Advertising prints will be displayed in this photo gallery
for customers to enjoy.

 The garments on display will be the latest CDC designs imported from France.
The collection not only incorporates the very latest trends but also provides an
environment where mothers and daughters can enjoy spending time together
buying and wearing the same brand of clothes. This ‘mother and daughter’
concept is precisely what sets the CDC brand apart. CDC is all about providing
clothes that mothers and daughters can enjoy wearing together irrespective of

 ‘Casting’. You might not have heard or this concept before, but it is one more
key to the CDC brand success. CDC places great store by creating close
relationships with its customers. CDC stores are built around ‘individual
customer’ sales. Actual mothers and daughter customers are selected to
become the CDC brand’s face, to appear in CDC fashion shows, in the brand’s
catalogue and on its posters. Customers are basically given the opportunity to
become a celebrity for a while. That’s the concept of ‘casting’.

 CDC is an established top brand in France and other parts of Europe. This
spring, we can, at last, bring CDC to Japan.