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UNIQLO Sales Data (Japan)

Last Updated: 2015.05.07
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Year to August 2015 (September 1, 2014 ~ August 31, 2015)

Monthly Sales for April 2015

PDFBulletin on sales for April 2015 (43KB)

Y/Y (%)
Same Stores Directly-run Stores Directly-run Stores + Online Sales
733 Stores Yr to Date 818 Stores Yr to Date Yr to Date
Net Sales 119.3 108.4 119.2 110.0 119.8 110.8
Customer Numbers 106.7 98.4 106.7 99.8 107.3 100.4
Average Purchase per Customer 111.8 110.2 111.7 110.2 111.6 110.4
Same stores: The change in the number of stores from the beginning through to the final day of the business year.
Directly-run Stores: Refers to existing stores, plus store changes of less than a year's duration as of previous year, business year end, plus new store openings in the current business.
Online Sales: Total direct mail and corporate sales.

(This data refers purely to UNIQLO stores within Japan and does not include any UNIQLO stores outside of Japan or non-UNIQLO businesses.)

Sales Comment for the month of April 2015

Directly-run Store Openings and Closures:

Openings: 11 UNIQLO stores
Closures: 3 UNIQLO stores

Please click here for UNIQLO store opening/closing (Japan) data by month.

Sales Comment:

April 2015 same-store sales increased by 19.3% year on year while sales at our directly-run stores increased by 19.2%.
Total sales including online sales increased by 19.8%.

Same-store sales increased year on year in April, with warmer weather from the middle of the month boosting sales of summer ranges.

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