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Last Updated: 2018.02.28
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Tadashi Yanai, Chairman, President and CEO

Now is a time for bold action. In today's world, information can be sent instantly to customers via the internet, and data can be instantly analyzed using artificial intelligence. Current business technology giants, such as Google and Amazon, are expanding and entering entirely new industries. Fast Retailing is moving decisively to gain a competitive edge over the next generation of entrants and thrive in this rapidly changing era. As the boundaries between industries and companies dissolve, we are transforming ourselves into a new type of "digital consumer retail company" that puts its customers first by turning information into superior products.

As part of this effort, we have launched the Ariake Project, which is designed to reform our business processes and revolutionize our supply chain so that we can rapidly respond to the needs of our customers. We will draw on the latest technology to create a new type of industry, one that is capable of delivering the world's best clothing and the world's best customer communication.

In the fiscal year ending August 31, 2017, UNIQLO achieved record success. Our operations in Greater China, South Korea and Southeast Asia & Oceania generated impressive profits, proving that economic development in the Pacific Rim region harbors great opportunity. The rapid expansion of UNIQLO International has been fueled by customers worldwide recognizing and appreciating UNIQLO LifeWear as the ultimate life-enhancing everyday clothing.

We remain committed to the creation of clothes that are perfectly attuned to people's daily needs and offer new value. We are also committed to the creation of a sustainable world. In the clothes-manufacturing process, we are working proactively on factory conditions, workers' rights, environmental protection, our All-Product Recycling Initiative, the advancement of women in the workplace, the employment of people with disabilities, and the support of refugees and other displaced persons. We are fully invested in the challenge of making the world a better place through clothes.

January 2018
Tadashi Yanai
Tadashi Yanai
Chairman, President and CEO

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