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For Our Employees

Last Updated: 2015.04.22
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Our Basic Principle

Fast Retailing strives to foster both the personal growth of employees and corporate growth. To accelerate the process, Fast Retailing promotes diversity and initiatives that encourage career development.

Human Resources

Employees in the world

Fast Retailing respects the diverse individuality of its employees. It is working to become a global company that fosters both personal and corporate growth.

Promoting Diversity

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Fast Retailing has a flexible employment system and many other initiatives in place to enable all employees to express their individuality and maximize their talents.

Personnel Development


Fast Retailing supports all employees in their efforts to reach their potential as much as possible and commits to training personnel who can excel throughout the world.

Safe, Comfortable Workplaces

Employees in the world

Fast Retailing is in the process of building frameworks that enable an ideal work-life balance. Other efforts to improve the workplace include developing workplace environments that enable its employees to work more efficiently, and shortening working hours.

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