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Overview of Business Segments

Last Updated: 2016.02.26
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Yr to August 2015 (IFRS) Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Net sales 780.1 +9.0%
Operating income/loss 117.2 +10.3%
Stores *841 -11
*Including franchise stores.

Fiscal 2015 Performance

Achieved a record performance, with revenue hitting ¥780.1 billion (+9.0% YoY) and operating profit ¥117.2 billion (+10.3%).
Strong sales of core ranges such as HEATTECH, Ultra Light Down, wool sweaters and jeans. Same-store sales rose 6.2%.
Customers have been impressed by the community-focused management style of our UNIQLO OSAKA global flagship store and UNIQLO Kichijoji global hotspot store, helping both build a strong following since their opening in October 2014.

Fiscal 2016 Forecast

Expect further steady increases in revenue and profit. Promote growth through our scrap and build strategy, which expands average sales space per store.
Expect similar same-store sales to 2015. Price increases on some products from fall 2015 reflected the weaker yen and higher cost of sales. Aim for flat gross profit margin.
Plan to launch the new Ariake distribution center in early 2016 and carry out fresh marketing designed to boost e-commerce sales.
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UNIQLO International

Yr to August 2015 (IFRS) Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Net sales 603.6 +45.9%
Operating income/loss 43.3 +31.6%
Stores 798 +165

Fiscal 2015 Performance

Achieved a record performance, with revenue reaching ¥603.6 billion (+45.9%) and operating profit ¥43.3 billion (+31.6%) on the back of continued strong growth in the Greater China region and South Korea.
Greater China revenue expanded by an impressive 46.3% to ¥304.4 billion and operating profit rose 66.1% to ¥38.6 billion.
UNIQLO USA losses expanded on rapid store development and continued poor brand recognition, which dampened sales.
Total network at end August 2015: 798 stores (+165).

Fiscal 2016 Forecast

Expect continued growth.
Plan to open 177 new stores (approximately 100 in Greater China). In November 2015, the number of UNIQLO International stores overtook the number of UNIQLO Japan stores.
Pursue new strategy to shrink losses at UNIQLO USA, closing smaller unprofitable stores and focusing instead on opening iconic stores in prime urban locations, and on boosting e-commerce sales.
Newly refurbished London global flagship store set to open in early 2016.
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Global Brands

Yr to August 2015 (IFRS) Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Net sales 295.3 +17.6%
Operating income/loss 14.4 +18.6 bln yen
Stores *1,339 +71
*including franchise stores

Fiscal 2015 Performance

Revenue expanded 17.6% to ¥295.3 billion and operating profit rebounded convincingly from a ¥4.1 billion loss in fiscal 2014 to a ¥14.4 billion profit. We recorded impairment losses of ¥5.1 billion due to losses at J Brand.
The downturn in the U.S. luxury market hit Theory profits.
GU performed extremely well, with revenue rising 31.6% to ¥141.5 billion and operating profit almost tripling to ¥16.4 billion. GU boasted 314 stores in Japan and 5 stores elsewhere (August 2015).

Fiscal 2016 Forecast

Expect gains in revenue and profit, supported by further strong growth at GU.
Effective TV commercials have dramatically boosted GU recognition as a brand offering more fashion freedom and fun. Scheduled to open 50 new GU stores in Japan, plus stores in Shanghai and Taiwan.
Theory should enjoy steady growth in Japan, and we are aiming for Theory USA and J Brand to deliver similar performance to 2015.
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