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Overview of Business Segments

Last Updated: 2015.03.06
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Yr to August 2014 (JGAAP) Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Net sales 715.6 +4.7%
Operating income/loss 110.6 +14.2%
Stores *852 -1
*Including franchise stores.

FY2014 Overview

Strong sales of core items (HEATTECH, Ultra Light Down, AIRism, sweatshirts and sweatpants, jeans).
Improved gross profit margin helped generate higher-than-expected operating income.
New global hotspot stores in Ikebukuro (opened in March) and Okachimachi (opened in April) helped boost urban market share and UNIQLO's brand image.

Growth Initiatives

Boost sales per store by promoting a store management approach focused on the local community: more regional employees; adapt product mix and marketing to suit local needs.
Maintain growth by expanding the average sales floor area per store through "scrap and build" strategy.
Expand market share by strengthening development of women's, kids and baby wear.
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UNIQLO International

Yr to August 2014 (JGAAP) Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Net sales 413.6 +64.7%
Operating income/loss 34.7 +89.5%
Stores 633 +187

FY2014 Overview

The addition of 187 new stores helped fuel significant gains in sales and income. Greater China: 94, South Korea: 28, Southeast Asia & Oceania: 41, U.S.: 18, Europe: 6.
UNIQLO Greater China performed especially well. Sales: ¥208.1 billion (+66.5% YoY), operating income: ¥24.8 billion (+83.0%).
Successful opening of first UNIQLO stores in Germany and Australia in April.

Growth Initiatives

Open 200 stores in FY2015. Greater China: 100, South Korea: 30, Southeast Asia & Oceania: 45, U.S.: 20, Europe: 5.
Boost UNIQLO visibility by opening global flagship stores in major global centers and hotspot beacons for individual regions.
Develop marketing worldwide to promote LifeWear.
Establish a new global system to promote online sales.
Bring UNIQLO USA swiftly into the black. Develop 100-store networks on East and West Coasts.
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Global Brands

Yr to August 2014 (JGAAP) Billions of Yen/Stores Y/y (%)
Net sales 251.2 +21.8%
Operating income/loss 16.3 -6.6%
Stores *1,268 +118
*including franchise stores

FY2014 Overview

GU sales ¥107.5 billion (+28.4%), operating income ¥6.8 billion (-10.8%). Overemphasis on fashion for younger customers dampened sales and undermined profit.
Theory reported rising sales but a slight contraction in profit.
Comptoir des Cotonniers achieved higher-than-expected gains in sales and income.
J Brand reported an impairment loss due to continued operational losses.

Growth Initiatives

Target GU revenue of ¥300 billion, operating profit of ¥30 billion over the medium term. Strengthen low-cost management to boost profit margins.
Open 50 GU stores annually in Japan. Expand GU in Asia and other global markets.
Achieve stable growth for the Theory brand in Japanese and U.S. markets.
Expand operations and boost efficiency by harnessing synergies across Group labels.
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