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CSR Approach

Last Updated: 2015.04.22
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The Fast Retailing Group's CSR Program

The Fast Retailing Group's mission, as stated under its FR Way corporate philosophy, is to use "the power of clothing" to enrich people's lives and benefit society.

The FR Way is the company's commitment to uphold its promises to society. The FR Group fulfills its responsibility to society by basing all of its decisions and actions on the FR Way, without compromise. The Group also maintains an unwavering emphasis on compliance and the ethical consequences of its actions. The company maintains its own efficient management systems, backed by a detailed system of checks and balances and the strictest standards in the global clothing industry. This is how the Group ensures transparency, sound corporate governance and an open dialogue with stakeholders.

CSR-related aims should be inseparable from a company's business operations. Otherwise, firms run the risk of falling out of public favor. FR's daily corporate activities are focused on creating truly great clothing with new and unique value. The company believes that giving people throughout the world the opportunity to experience the joy, happiness and satisfaction of wearing such exceptional apparel is the key to achieving its core CSR aim: to "make the world a better place."

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