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CSR Approach

Last Updated: 2016.07.25
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The Fast Retailing Group's CSR Program

The Fast Retailing Group's mission, as stated under its Fast Retailing Way corporate philosophy, is to use the power of clothing to enrich people's lives and benefit society.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) represents the Fast Retailing Group's commitment to upholding this promise to society and achieving growth that is sustainable for both the Company and society at large. This promise defines the Fast Retailing Way, forming the criteria that govern every decision and action. Compliance and corporate ethics always receive priority to ensure all practices remain honest and transparent. A sound, unbiased system of corporate governance is evolving as we establish management systems that are regulated by thorough systems of checks and balances. We are promoting global frameworks while maintaining open dialogue with all stakeholders and upholding our duty to explain the decisions that guide our actions.

A company's CSR initiatives and its business initiatives are inseparable. If either is missing, firms lose their ability to remain viable and risk falling out of public favor. We are working to produce truly great clothing with new and unique value through our regular corporate activities. We believe that offering all people throughout the world the opportunity to experience the joy, happiness and satisfaction of wearing exceptional apparel is central to our CSR initiatives' aim: Make the world a better place.

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