Job Description


You will mainly be in front of customers. Responsibilities include product display and operating the cash register.
It is probably the first job that comes to mind when you hear "working in apparel".

仕事紹介 レジ

Cash register

This is the last place you will interact with customers, so you will provide a service that leaves them in a good mood.
Since the introduction of self-checkout registers, we also provide guidance on how to use the machines for people who have never used them before or are having trouble using them.

Tips for this job

  • Watch your surroundings carefully. Observe customers' expressions and habits.
  • Think about how best to serve each customer.
  • Interact with the customer so they feel welcome to return.

More on working the register

It's actually a very important job! After a customer has chosen what they wanted, they are quite satisfied. During that time, you don't want to ruin that feeling with bad service; they might not return. Even with self-checkout registers, there is a need for good, pleasant service.

仕事紹介 フィッティングルーム応対

Fitting room support

You will assist customers as they try on the clothes they picked. You will support customers when they are most excited, trying on their clothes to see how they look. During this time you might also suggest ways to wear clothes or coordinating advice, as well as ensure proper fit.

Tips for this job

  • Acquire knowledge about our products.
  • Actively reach out to customers.
  • Answer every single request completely.

More on fitting room support

There are many cases where you will serve customers with clothing they already have in mind; customers are looking forward to trying on clothes. When you serve customers in a way that is fun for both of you, it will be easier to suggest ways to coordinate and ways to wear the clothing, which will likely also improve your own knowledge.

仕事紹介 商品整理

Product Organization

This job involves keeping the store in the best condition in order to make it easier for customers to look for and select products. We employ a special way of folding to show off the quality of our products.

Tips for this job

  • Always look at things from a customer's perspective.
  • Know the speed it takes to fold one item and its condition.
  • Have a firm grasp on the standards set by GU.

More on product organization

This job involves the most looking at one's surroundings. Keep an eye on customers and greet them as they enter while folding items. You will be approached by customers often, so you must do things to make yourself available such as standing in areas where customers can easily see you. Here you will learn how to carry on several tasks at once, a skill that will probably help outside of work as well.

仕事紹介 商品陳列

Product Display

This job involves displaying products so they are easy to see and discern. You will devise display methods in order to show off the appeal of our products to customers.

Tips for this job

  • Have a firm grasp on the display standards.
  • Understand any peculiarities of any products.
  • Strive to fold products quickly and neatly.

More on product display

There are actually a lot of employees who find this work entertaining. In fact, they focus on it.
They are conscious of how quickly and cleanly they can display products. You will learn specialized skills for apparel with this job. I think your results will also change over time.

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Job Description