Recruitment FAQ

ジーユー店舗スタッフ採用 / パート・アルバイト

The interview

  • How should we dress for the interview?
  • As a general rule, we are open, but please avoid excessive exposure.
    In addition, not that you do not have to wear GU products for the interview.
  • Can you share some details about the interview?
  • The interview will be about 30 minutes long and will take place at the store you applied to.
    It will be a private meeting between you and the person in charge of the store.
  • What kinds of questions will be asked during the interview?
  • We will ask about your reasons for wanting to work with us, of course. We will also ask you about experiences working as part of a team (school, clubs, prior work projects, etc.)
  • What should I bring to the interview?
  • Please bring a copy of your resume with a photograph attached.
  • Can I go to the interview location by car?
  • Depending on the time of the interview, you might not be able to find a parking spot, so please consult with the store when scheduling the interview.
    During the interview, we will go over your method of commuting once you enter the company.
  • Please tell me about the course of events of the interview phase.
  • Once you apply, we will set up the date prior to the interview.
    After a round of interviews, we will continue the selection process and decide who to accept.
  • When will the results be announced?
  • Regardless of the result, as a general rule we will contact you within one week.
    *If you are accepted, we will contact you by mail.

Work appearance

  • Are there any rules about hair color?
  • Light hair colors are forbidden (Tone 10 and higher)
    Dark colors (black, brown, etc.) are acceptable.
  • What is proper work attire?
  • Basically, you will wear GU products in the store.
    However, you can wear shoes and accessories that are not GU products.
    *The only required GU attire is a top and pants.
    *Early morning workers and stock people do not have to wear GU products.
  • How much attire do we have to buy for one month?
  • There is no set standard, but you can save on costs by mixing and matching items. Because the required items are a top and pants,
    the current (Dec. 2016) products would amount to:

    Wide V-Neck Sweater (Top) 990 yen
    Regular Chino (Pants) 1990 yen

    Crew Neck Sweater (Top) 990 yen
    Easy Jogger Pants (Pants) 1990 yen

    *The above prices do not include the employee discount. Many people buy several tops, since the pants can easily be worn over and over.
    Many people buy several tops, since the pants can easily be worn over and over.
  • Is nail art allowed?
  • In general it is allowed, but we do not allow excessive art or decorations, or nails that are long enough to injure customers or damage products (sculptured nails, etc.).
  • What kind of make-up is not allowed?
  • Excessive make-up and no make-up are not allowed.
    We also do not allow color contacts that are blue, gray, green, or other colors.
    Natural colors, such as black and brown are acceptable.
  • Can I grow out my facial hair?
  • As a general rule, that is not allowed.
  • Can I wear piercings?
  • We do not allow body piercings or multiple piercings on one ear. One piercing on each ear is acceptable.
    *Men are not allowed to wear any piercings

Application conditions

  • At what age can we apply?
  • Anyone 18 and over can apply. (excluding high school students)
  • Can housewives apply?
  • We have many housewives working with us. Please feel free to apply.
  • Can we apply even if we don't have experience?
  • Yes you can.
    Many of our workers start with no experience in apparel or retail jobs.
    We conduct training in the stores; GU has prepared an environment where you can learn everything about your job from square one.
    You can learn about GU products once you have entered the company.
  • Can we hold another job in addition to this one?
  • It is possible. You won't need to do any special paperwork.

Pay and treatment

  • Please share a typical case of payment.
  • The pay is dependent on your work conditions, of course, but there are opportunities for raises depending on your effort.
    (Ex.) Working 6 hours, twice a week at a store that pays 900 yen/hour = 900x2x6x4.3 = About 46,440 yen
    Working 6 hours, three times a week at a store that pays 950 yen/hour = 950x3x6x4.3 = About 73,530 yen
  • When is payday?
  • Salaries are closed at the end of the month, and paid on the 10th of the following month.
    *If the 10th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or national holiday, you will be paid on the prior eligible day.
  • Is there a company discount?
  • There is a 30% discount for employees.
  • Is there reimbursement for commuting fees?
  • Commuting costs are included in your pay. As a general rule, there is no reimbursement.
    *Certain stores do pay reimbursements. Please see detailshere.
  • How often are wages increased?
  • There are opportunities for wage increases/promotion every three months. Hard work is rewarded.
  • Can we enter social insurance?
  • There are certain conditions, including number of days and hours worked, that determine one's eligibility for employment insurance and social insurance.
    If you meet the entry conditions, we will handle the paperwork for enrollment.
  • Is there training?
  • Yes, new workers will be trained from square one. You will learn about the job as well as company principles.
    To start, you will learn how to greet customers, so even those without experience can start work without worry.
  • Is there a sales quota?
  • You can relax knowing there are no personal quotas. Of course there are store goals, but those are for everyone to reach together. There are special rewards for exceptional staff who work hard.
  • What is the retirement age?
  • 65 years of age.

Shifts and breaks

  • What kinds of hours are available?
  • Operation hours are different depending on the store.
    You can work early and late shifts; you can also adjust your shifts to fit them into your daily life.
    (Ex.) Four hours/day, 3 days/week choose hours from the early shift (8 am-5:30 pm) or late shift (11:30 am - 9 pm)
  • Can we choose our days off?
  • You will request your desired days off weekly and monthly, so when turning in your forms mention the days you would like to take off.
  • How are shifts decided?
  • The rules change depending on the store, but we will have you submit shifts in one month blocks.
    One the head of the store has looked over the proposed shifts for the month, a finalized version for the following weeks will be created weekly.
    Shifts are decided on Fridays, so it is possible to adjust your shifts weekly.

Your career at GU

  • Are there opportunities to become a full-time employee?
  • Every six months, there is a promotion examination for part-time employees who want to become full-time employees.
    If you pass the exam, you can be promoted.
  • What is included in the promotion examination?
  • Contents include evaluation of your normal work habits your reputation among colleagues, and other required conditions. Those who satisfy the conditions are then interviewed.






Recruitment FAQ