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Reinvent Everything

Changing clothes. Changing conventional wisdom. Change the world.

At Fast Retailing, we aim to become a company that is the first, and the best, in the world – one that achieves what the world has never seen before and contributes to society in a meaningful way.

Throughout our journey, we will always remember one essential value, and that is to make our world a better place and to convey our gratitude to customers. At the same time, we will continue to run our business in a sincere way, with a dream, vision and passion.

Today We Live in an Interconnected World

In today’s globalized and digitized world, the meaning of “national borders” is fading, and so are distinctions between industries. No matter where you live today, you cannot disregard events taking place elsewhere in the world and think they do not concern you. In fact, today we must embrace the fact that the world is interconnected and we live in a place where everyone is allowed to express his or her unique identity. I believe this is a good thing. The world is moving in a positive direction. As a global business, I believe Fast Retailing should lead by properly acknowledging such changes in society. And it is our mission to create products and services that convince people everywhere that a fully connected world is indeed a good thing. Come and join us if you share our mission.

Commitment and Courage to Live Together with the Times

Times change, and today this is happening with amazing speed. Simply improving upon conventional practices will not create opportunities for the future. The entire world is becoming ever more network-oriented, operating in a flatter way, and while past successes are certainly an asset, success actually starts to become obsolete from the moment it is labeled a “success.” So let us be brave and discard past successes. In fact, when we bring forth courage from within, we can expect great success.

From now on, everything we do at Fast Retailing including merchandise planning, production, marketing, logistics and distribution, and sales, will leverage the digital network. We will align ourselves with partners in the most nimble way, to be able to drive work concurrently across the world. Our organization will no longer remain fixed; people’s roles will be defined in a flexible way and without having any particular hierarchy. Naturally, employees’ nationality, ethnic background, gender, age or educational background will have no impact on our new method of working.

In brief, we are transforming the way we work. We are reinventing everything we do. As an innovation company, we are facing the future head on, with creativity, curiosity, and a bright outlook. Our goal is not to become a giant apparel firm; we want to grow and become an industry that has no equal in the world, something totally new and different.

Reinvent Everything

If we can change what we do, one task at a time and on a daily basis, this in turn will surely change the world, even if step by step. So if you have courage to change, and are aspired to take the first step, then join our team. Help us to reinvent everything at Fast Retailing.

We are committed to live together with the times to make our world better. We are determined to grow and prosper, together with you.

Tadashi Yanai
Chairman, President & CEO
Fast Retailing Group




CEO Message