Staff Interview

The amount of things to be learned and a culture that emphasizes work-life balance were the deciding factors. What was your reason for joining GU?

GU Colette Mare Store Furukawa

I’m currently a student and I’m studying fashion business in school. I figured if I am going to work part-time I should do something I can learn from, so I decided on GU. It was actually between GU and one of my favorite brand stores. However, they had sales quotas there, and I wanted to work somewhere with a great work environment. GU has no quotas, and they have a solid approach towards how work should get done. Furthermore, Fast Retailing has expanded globally while maintaining a simple design and product quality, providing a new sense of value for the industry. I felt I would have a lot to gain as someone studying fashion business.

What were some things that appealed to you?

I had experienced working at GU in high school, when I worked as a part-time intern. I got the sense that this was a company that had a really well-organized approach when it came to workflow, human capital development, and shift management. Now that I’m working here again, I see the more experienced employees and store manager taking time to converse with staff, and I feel that it’s an open and trusting workplace where it’s easy to discuss things. They value their people and provide development opportunities in consideration of skills and career path, which is a big part of what has attracted me to GU.

What’s something interesting in your work?

It motivates me to see customers experiencing changes because of fashion. One of our popular items right now is a type of high-waisted straight-cut jeans, trending on social media as “kami denim” (“god jeans”). They have a reputation of having a flattering effect on your body shape, and they quickly sell out because they’re so popular. A small change to an item like this can result in a totally different look overall. I do like fashion in general, but I especially love this work because I get to experience the rise of interesting phenomena like this firsthand.

What are your dreams for the future?

Soon I’ll start looking for a job for after graduation. When I think about working in the industry I’ve always aspired for, I get a little uneasy but also very excited. Before working at GU, I was set on pursuing one specific brand. It’s a venture that has only been around for a few years, so it’s a brand that has a big future ahead of it. But having worked at GU, now I’m uncertain. They are a company with a solid foundation, and their development of human capital and approach towards fashion is unwavering; an environment where there would be so much for me to learn is very appealing.






Staff Interview