Who We Look for

We look for people with the drive to
lead the development of the ultimate supply chain
that no one has yet to see.

Aim high and use your skills
for the benefit of society

We believe being clear with your mission and aspirations is the most important element in business. What is the purpose of your doing this work? Who benefits from the work you do? We always address these questions to ensure we apply skills, knowledge and experience to benefit our customers and society, and not just to earn money. We are expected to always set high goals and strive to achieve them, thereby impressing ourselves and growing together with customers and society. We are looking to welcome new members of like – minded people and develop the world’s first ultimate supply chain together with our combined strengths.

We have launched partnerships with new leading companies from all over the world that offer excellent technological solutions and services. Our collaboration is ongoing with companies like Google and Accenture to drive the transformation of supply chain processes. On the logistics side, we established a partnership with Daifuku, a global leader in material handling systems, and together built an automated warehouse in the same building as the UNIQLO head office in Ariake, Tokyo. This state-of-the-art automated warehouse is now being replicated at more locations in Japan and abroad. We believe our recently announced partnerships with Mujin and Exotec Solutions will help each other to grow exponentially and bring something extraordinary to our customers and society.

Deliver solutions
with unrivaled speed and agility
beyond organizational and national boundaries

Fast Retailing aims to continue to offer LifeWear to its customers. This is what our employees and departments work for. Everyone is expected to go beyond differences of any kind, including age, gender, ethnicity, or nationality, have a strong commitment to business growth, and find solutions to challenges with unrivaled speed and agility.

We are looking for Transformation Leaders and Super Specialists who are fully committed to our supply chain transformation.

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What we look for in Transformation Leaders

The ability to work cross-functionally,
lead teams of people with diverse backgrounds
and achieve high performance.

  • Drive supply chain transformation with unrivaled speed and agility.
  • Lead teams of people with diverse backgrounds, work cross-functionally across all levels of the organization (e.g., teams, departments, brands, and countries of operation), demonstrate a purpose-driven leadership, and achieve high performance.
  • Have a strong sense of mission, aspirations and willingness to strive for them, and find solutions to challenges.
  • Demonstrate high-level logical thinking skills, ability to use own words to persuasively communicate resulting insights to stakeholders, and ability and courage to make a presentation to management.
  • Have curiosity and willingness to tackle a new challenge, as well as resilience to evolve Fast Retailing into a digital consumer retail company.
  • Highly motivated to pioneer the ultimate supply chain.

Note: Please see Find Opportunities for more details about the job description and qualifications.

What we look for in Super Specialists

The ability to use top-level expertise
to fuel supply chain transformation
and create a new value proposition.

  • Fuel supply chain transformation by making effective use of skills, knowledge and experience, as well as the tools and environment equipped with state-of-art technology and advanced facilities globally where we are actively investing.
  • Create a new value proposition that has not previously existed in key essential capabilities of supply chain transformation, such as algorithms, automation and management cockpits.
  • Business-minded, in addition to having top-level expertise.
  • Aspire to use knowledge to maximize customer satisfaction, as well as increase work efficiency and productivity of Fast Retailing Group’s employees and business partners, thereby building a better working environment.
  • Have project management skills required to drive successful implementation of large global initiatives with unrivaled speed, agility and accuracy, as in the full warehouse automation project currently in place all over the world.

Note: Please see Find Opportunities for more details about the job description and qualifications.

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