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the digital consumer retail company
that strives for the ultimate supply chain.

Fast Retailing will continue to evolve

Fast Retailing has the ambition to become the world’s top apparel retailer. It strives to grow in response to the needs of the times and continue to offer ultimate everyday clothing, or what we call LifeWear, for the benefit of its customers around the world. To this end, we are aiming to create a new digital consumer retail industry that meets customer needs more effectively by incorporating all the information in the world into all aspects of our business activities in the fastest and shortest way. This is what the Ariake Project is trying to achieve, with all our employees working towards a shared goal. In this project, we will develop the ultimate supply chain that puts customers at the heart of every facet of our business, which no other company in the world has achieved yet.

The rapid advancement of information technology has launched a completely new era. Customer needs, which we always strive to meet, are ever changing. Therefore, we need to revamp our processes once again to keep abreast of changes and transform ourselves into a company that adapts to the times.

With the effective use of big data that has been accumulated until now, as well as the large amount of information received from all over the world every day, Fast Retailing will evolve into a digital consumer retail company. At the core of this evolution is our supply chain transformation.

To us, those who drive such a transformation are the founding members of the digital consumer retail company.

Commit yourself
completely to the project!

Fast Retailing has been actively investing in essential capabilities for the supply chain to drive transformation initiatives of an unprecedented scale, and with unrivaled speed. Examples include the integration and visualization of supply chain information, the use of algorithm analysis and the adoption of automation wherever possible.

Can you imagine how many companies there who are committed to taking on this kind of challenge with the entire organization mobilized? We are one of them, and we are providing you with a great opportunity to be part of a grand project to develop the ultimate supply chain.

How would you like to use
your skills and experience?

Fast Retailing’s mission is to create truly great clothing with new and unique value, and to enable people all over the world to experience the joy, happiness and satisfaction of wearing such great clothes. It also aims to become the world’s top apparel retailer.

How would you like to use your skills and experience? We have a true commitment to become a company that makes customers' lives better, is integral and contributes to society. Why don't you join us and take on the challenge that no one has ever archived before?

Running a business is a never-ending process. A new landscape emerges the moment you think you have reached the top — you will soon need to evolve again to meet the changing times and changing needs of customers. This is what we think business is about. You will never be bored because business provides you with all the thrills and excitement you could ask for. We welcome those who are passionate and committed to making a difference to people's lives and society with own LifeWear.

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